Video: The Cataracs f/ Waka Flocka Flame – ‘All You’

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame takes a trip to the wild, wild west in the strange, sci-fi-inspired video for The Cataracs’ “All You.” The hitmaking duo, who’ve produced for Far East Movement and Dev, gets lost in the desert, where they meet a bartender in a saloon who squeezes them a special drink from her breasts.

They start hallucinating about aliens before Flockaveli bursts through the door and makes that ass clap. After spilling a drink on one of the cowboys, they’re called outside for an old-fashioned showdown, but their poor aim leaves their opponent unscathed.

Waka comes through to save the day, leaving in a Segway. Now this deserves a round of applause.

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    Huh. That is all we get in this mini movie music vid of Wacka? :?


  2. MsMickii

    Do people actually listen to Waka Flocka? :S


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @MsMickii, *wack-a


    MsMickii Reply:

    @XO till we overdose…, LOL


  3. t-plus

    waka flocka killed that shit.


  4. ayee

    can’t see it.. shit’s blocked


  5. Lili

    this shit is actually kinda dope


  6. JHP

    lmao that final scene with Waka was hilarious, I started laughing uncontrollably SQAUD!


  7. Ed

    not sure if waka hurt the song or helped it but officially the cataracs are one of my new fav producers the beat is hot, i am prob going to download the instrumental


  8. Sneakier Lover browie

    all wacka famlo did was KNock that Bitch out


  9. ok

    Fame is starting to make waka fat too much bread the money and the food


  10. shhh Navry24 lop Candaxc

    I would make a song call wacka flamo is stuipd


  11. Hi Weat

    SICK LOL actor Robert Coffie as the Cowboy; and
    Waka Flocka.


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