Flo Rida Gets ‘Wild’ with Jennifer Lopez and Lil Wayne on New Album

Flo Rida

Flo Rida is adding some star power to his upcoming album Wild Ones, due July 3. The Miami rapper has enlisted LMFAO, Jennifer Lopez, and Lil Wayne for collaborations.

In exchange for his verse on J.Lo’s new single “Goin’ In,” Flo got the sexy superstar to guest on a song for his project.

“She actually reached out to me to get on a record of hers and I was like, ‘Hey, let’s just swap it out,’” he told Fuse. “I definitely look forward to expanding my career in the Latin market just doing a record with her and both of the records are amazing, so I look forward to having a lot more success with these records.”

He also had the chance to hit the studio with Lil Wayne. “His energy, his aura is just amazing,” said Flo. “I’m always excited to hear what’s gonna come out of his mouth next. I actually got a chance to do two records and we’ll probably put out the next record on the next album or so, but both of the records are crazy.”

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  1. Antonio



  2. YMCMB

    Flo Rida and lil wayne sounds interesting. I wonder how lil wayne going to adapt to a party track. LMFAO track should be hot.


  3. @JLawls91

    Flo Rida’s gone down the pan since R.O.O.T.S.


  4. kendees

    I don’t think it’ll be something new for Lil Wayne to perform at a party track, he’s already worked with DG on ‘I can only imagine’. Although I don’t even think the track with Lil Wayne will be a club banger, I would say rather street song or something like that. :)


  5. meme

    i like flo-rida. he’s the modern day Nelly.


  6. boom boom

    he really needs to collab with Pop Princess Rihanna


    Speechless Reply:

    @boom boom, Last time I checked Britney Spears still held that title.


  7. ayee

    any Timbaland on the album ?


  8. Hugh

    Flo is on one right now

    This album is gonna rock

    Timbo would be cool. Elevator was dope


  9. Sassyandclassy

    Is it me or FloRida looks like a pedo and his music sucks


  10. TheDreamer

    Lil Wayne on a party record??


  11. MinajRules2012

    lil wayne seems to be on erryones records these days,a lot of pple d– ridin him 4 nothing jus to make their music cool.other than that wayne is a nobody but i gotta say-its ymcmb takkeover-commercially not lyrically n musically


  12. Loiu2 dau refillz

    Let see how it go for Both of them


  13. buddy

    the last lil wayne flo rida song was absolutely terrible. this guy doesnt even write his own songs, you can tell their manufactured hits..real artists need to be on the radio. flo rida will never be remembered and his success wont last.


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