Kanye West Unveils New ‘Cold’ Artwork


First it was “Theraflu,” then “Way Too Cold,” and now Kanye West is just feeling plain “Cold.” The hip-hop superstar has retitled and revised the artwork for his controversial single. After debuting “Theraflu” in April, he changed the title to “Way Too Cold,” removing the Theraflu bottle from the illustrated cover. However, the cold and flu medicine maker denies that they pressured him to do so. Now he’s posted a new image on his official website featuring another nude portrait of a woman in blue.

Do you prefer the new or old artwork? Check out the past single covers below.



“Way Too Cold”

Way Too Cold


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  1. finburg

    kanye’s way too sick..


  2. kam

    the song sucks, dnt matter how many covers


  3. Dylan

    Don’t matter


  4. Number1

    Visual paradox


  5. YMCMB

    I don’t understand these pictures. I just know it suppose to have some meanings.


  6. coolio

    Why is it that artists have to have nude artwork these days? Kanye, you think you’re cool, but you really aren’t with these ridiculous artworks. Also, your song “theraflu” really sucks!!!

    Don’t get me wrong you’re a good artist, but think about shiit like this please!!!1


    funnynig Reply:

    Says a Coolio fan? HA…get money then talk.


  7. boom boom

    he is so fucking artistic & creative


    -_- Reply:

    @boom boom, oh, really? artistic & creative? would you care to explain to me wtf that hideous creature is? and in what way do you find this ‘creative’?

    random face + woman’s body doesn’t = creativity. everyone needs to honestly get off his dick. it’s pathetic =/


  8. Hugh

    I love both


  9. TheDreamer

    The new one’s better. The title is simple and the artwork isn’t as revealing, but still Kanye, why does the women’s body have to be nude?


  10. TheDreamer

    I like that the title is more simple, but the artwork could be better.


  11. MinajRules2012

    theraflu company wud probably sue his black behind,thas why he changed the stupid artwork


  12. :)

    What is wrong with this man? All these twisted, disgusting and just plain weird covers!


  13. Stre3t Danc@

    He’s a genius.


  14. cat

    @coolio, “these days”? Nah, go back hundreds of years and you’ll still see nudes. I think George Condo (who did the latest drawing) is dope.


    Loiu2 dau refillz Reply:

    @cat, Cat girl True that so Amen


  15. Loiu2 dau refillz

    it don’t matter But It could have done Better Teenager out there will be saying WTF was kanye west was thinking about this album of Cover Adlut will be saying WTFH gross & Nasty ass grown Man Kayne west then they will Trash it


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