New Music: JON MCXRO f/ JoJo – ‘Don’t Say Nothin”


While we wait for more music from JoJo, the pop starlet teases us with her sexy collaboration with JON MCXRO, a group made up of production trio The Stereotypes (Far East Movement, Justin Bieber). The track, along with collaborations with Miguel and Bun B, appears on their new album The Fifth of Never (Gold Cup Edition).

JoJo’s oft-delayed album Jumping Trains is still awaiting a release date. “Curious 2know the status of my album? tweet BlackgroundMG,” she wrote. “They control the $ & album date. In the meantime, I’m gonna keep working LoveUAll.”

She received a major co-sign from Nicki Minaj, who shouted her out on Twitter. “Yo jojo on sum real g shit ‘the high road’ is one of the best rnb albums of all time. Why aren’t u making music??? I need another one my G,” tweeted the “Starships” rapper.

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  1. yoo

    JoJo is the bomb w/ out a doubt…but one of the best rnb of all time? JoJo is one of the better singers in this new generation, but its clear to see why nicki makes the music she does.


  2. Jay

    JoJo has always been one of my favorite singers and one o the greatest vocalist of our time! And that is so awesome that Nicki shouted her out. The High Road is one of the greatest albums for real. Production, vocals, everthing…the album just slays! I still play that CD today. This track is cool. JoJo always kills! Can’t wait to buy her new album!!! :)


  3. maya

    Nicki know what it is, The High Road is the shit.

    They should do a song together.


  4. Michelle

    Yasss, Nicki betta stan! “The High Road” slayed.


  5. just Sayin

    Jojos label is being really wack right now. This girl is the real deal give this chick open budgets, promotion, anything to get her out there again. I still cant believe that Disaster didnt take off i mean lets be real its a smash record should have cracked top 10 on Billboard Hot 100 for sure but music is just in a horrible place Jojo is one of the few artists that needs to the right set up for her album and career. Blackbround seriously needs to get there shit together.


    Louis day refill Reply:

    @just Sayin, she is signed to another Record Label which it’s include Blackground as well.


  6. sexyisme

    i hate her label!! they sucks! she is so talented and they’re treating her like s**t :(


  7. Jerry

    this guy listens to too much drake. what a fucking clown. this entire song is like karaoke. not one thing original about it.


  8. JojoMcxroLover

    Okay so Jon Mcxro has 4 people in it (one of them doesn’t rap he’s the white guy he just makes the beats) also Jojo is the shit and she slays everything she ever does and thats why she should be the queen right now.


  9. Louis day refill

    Damn Nicki Minja Know everybody’s in the music Business Who she had Met before


  10. Tiggzsta

    JOJO is one of the mos underrated artist. She needs a new label! @translucentbrownsugar she is amazing and should be all over the charts right now..


  11. -

    I love This


  12. JTG

    THIS IS THE FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!! JOJO IS DA BOMB!!!! her and nicki should do a song!


  13. Loiu2 dau refillz

    this Music is dope Can’t wait for Jojo come out with some New Music


  14. Joe banks

    I’ve been loving everything that Jon MCXRO has been dropping!!! This album is classic.


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