Video: Robin Thicke – ‘Exhale (Shoop Shoop)’

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke pays homage to Whitney Houston with the black-and-white video for “Exhale (Shoop Shoop),” his cover of the late legend’s 1995 single. The star of ABC’s new singing competition “Duets” walks the streets of downtown Los Angeles, performing an impromptu concert on the sidewalk as fans pull out their camera phones. He passes by Skid Row and the Palace Theatre with a marquee that reads, “Goodbye Whitney Houston, We Miss You.” Watch his touching tribute below.

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  1. Lauryn



    Say word Reply:

    @Lauryn, You should really listen again


  2. Crazi

    THis got me teared up. :(


  3. MH

    Loved it.


  4. BOSSenough?!

    its just


  5. WonderLand19



  6. WSGT

    What Whitney Houston gave to this world is just unimaginable and will never be duplicated,not just her talent and paving the way for all generations of singers.but her charitable heart given to others even when she was tired even when they all kicked her when she was down showing her no love or respect in life or in death, she still kept on giving and wouldn’t stop,all the way until she died.we can never pay her back we can never give her the right respect she rightfully deserves but I thank Robin Thicke for doing his best much love and respect to you Robin thank you so very much.


  7. M.

    That was beautiful. Probably the only Whitney Houston cover that I actually like. Thank You Robin Thicke for showing love to the Queen.
    RIP. Whitney Houston


  8. Diego

    Enough of these bandwagon people doing tributes were they even close he just wants attention smh


    Loiu2 dau refillz Reply:

    @Diego, how do you know he just wants attention? U don’t know shit! so shut the F up!


  9. Loiu2 dau refillz

    Have already heard him cover this song two month ago and It’s Alright


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  14. lindie

    Wonderfully done! And now, I have to put on the original and listen to Whitney.


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