Karmin Takes the Hot Seat on ‘Chelsea Lately’


Karmin faced the unpredictable Chelsea Handler while promoting their Epic Records debut Hello on her E! talk show “Chelsea Lately.”

Amy shared her conservative beginnings in Nebraska, how she fell in love with rap after listening to Dr. Dre’s The Chronic 2001, and rapped part of Busta Rhymes’ verse from “Look at Me Now.”

Nick joked about Amy’s unlikely career as a rapper, to which Chelsea responded, “Oh honey, if she was a rapper, I would have already fu**ed her!”

Plus, find out how the engaged couple met, came up with their group name, and what it’s been like meeting the artists whose songs they’ve covered.

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  1. pian



  2. MusiqLover

    her hairr…… funny though! good for you guys


  3. @AveTon



  4. Alex

    another Christian, conservative girl gone pop. it’s like a trend to turn away from God. smh


    Cranberry Reply:

    @Alex, girl, shut the hell up.


    Loui2 dau refillz Reply:

    @Alex, Rude ass Comment U didn’t need to say that Dumbass Bitch shut the Hell up


  5. hate revolver

    It just shows how you can’t be overbearing to your child or she will just do the opposite. Katy Perry and now her.


  6. Dubs

    Just because she performs pop music doesn’t mean she’s lost her way. Have you listened to their music? They don’t swear. They keep it very PG. You can’t say that for a lot of musicians today, and that alone is very respectable.


  7. Loui2 dau refillz

    LMAOO. their Music is Great


  8. Bhanuka

    Posted on Haha, Sarah, you’re hilarious and I love it! Honestly, it doesn’t even matetr that they leave my name out when all the cool kids on the internet mention me! We know who has more street cred!XOXOFelicia


  9. grace gibson

    hey karmin i love you all and i love your song broken hearted and i would love you come and visit where i live ..lol …if you had time of course well thanks by


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