New Music: R. Kelly – ‘Write Me Back’ [Album Snippets]

Write Me Back

R. Kelly pens the feel-good follow-up to 2010’s Love Letter with Write Me Back. The album, which will be available in a 12-track standard and 16-track deluxe edition, features the “stepping” singles “Share My Love” and “Feelin’ Single,” plus more retro-inspired records for the R&B lovers. Kellz channels Elvis Presley on “All Rounds on Me” and evokes Smokey Robinson on “Fool for You.” Listen to 30-second snippets before it arrives on June 26.

Write Me Back – Deluxe Tracklisting

1. “Love Is”
2. “Feelin’ Single”
3. “Lady Sunday”
4. “When a Man Lies”
5. “Clipped Wings”
6. “Believe That It’s So”
7. “Fool for You”
8. “All Rounds on Me”
9. “Believe in Me”
10. “Green Light”
11. “Party Jumpin’”
12. “Share My Love”
13. “Beautiful in This Mirror”
14. “You Are My World”
15. “From the Sky”
16. “One Step Closer”

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  1. Rick

    Green Light is amazing, the whole album is amazing!


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Rick, I beg to differ. He’s not as hot as he used to be. I want the “12 play” R. Kelly back.


    Rick Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, He will release “Black Panties” next year. It’s the new 12 Play. “Write Me Back” is for the grown people.


  2. Cris

    “All Rounds on Me” is flawless. Just perfect. I never thought Kells could do Rock n Roll, but that the prove! Love it!

    “Believe In Me” is EPIC.



  3. SeanDon

    damn kellz a true legend
    there are some goood songs, my favorites are green light, when a man lies and believe in me!!!!


  4. NICK



  5. Miszi

    Doesn’t sound as groundbreaking as some of his stuff but “All Rounds On Me” and “Believe In Me” are amazing.


  6. Rick

    By the way, on the Itunes page of the normal edition (not the deluxe) you can preview 90 seconds instead of 30 seconds, of each track.


  7. D. Kellz

    Can’t wait for this album to drop I’ve been a huge fan from the Beginning and this album is going to be a true classic in his collection of albums. I can’t wait to play love Sunday, because I’m feeling that song a lot.

    Respect the King Of R&B


  8. Kenyon Green



  9. aoh

    wow just when i thought r kelly will not top love letter he has done it again the greatest simply


  10. youdontneedtoknow

    HE IS ABOVE RnB … A true Legend!!!


  11. Sheila

    Is there anything this man CAN’T do musically!? I don’t think so. He is crossing genres with these songs. See, that’s why he’s my fav, ’cause he’s so creative & versatile. There’s no one really doing what he’s doing, on the high level he’s doing it. Great to see, esp coming from his era. I am beyond ready for this album! I’m sure it will be amazing. Sounds like Lady Sunday, When A Man Lies, Clipped Wings, Believe That It’s So, Believe In Me, & Green Light will definitely be favs.


  12. dodo

    still struggling for a come back..


    Sheila Reply:


    In order for him to be “struggling for a comeback”, he would have to have left. Anyone with sense, knows he has not. If you aren’t checkin for him, why are you here? And if you don’t want to hear it, don’t listen.


    Kevin Reply:

    @Sheila, Well said


  13. Mekky

    u shudnt b here cos u dnt kno nd u ll neva kno a good music or musician wen u listen 2 dem.


  14. SW

    Can’t f*** with kell’s. He a BEASTTTTT


  15. Hugh

    Sounds amazing


  16. aoh

    fool for you lady sunday magical


  17. Kevin

    The mans a genius plain and simple, if ANYBODY says different there’re just hating.


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  21. VitamanB

    who in R&B can touch the dude? whomever you could think of saying has probably had r. kelly write for them. forget the writing, producing, and arranging; what male thats supposedly hot can out sing him live: trey aint close, cb aint close, usher cant, dream hell no, case closed.


  22. Moochie

    The whole album is amazingly beautiful..Encourages love, patience, and believing in love with someone and waiting for them to write you back. finally they wrote me back…it’s been seven months and we are finally going to meet and share love beyond the naked eye can see…. thank you for your words of wisdom…we are in love ..marriage is another realm..keep up the good work and believe that its so….


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