Behind the Video: Waka Flocka Flame – ‘Rooster in My Rari’

Rooster in My Rari

A rooster rides shotgun with Waka Flocka Flame in the video for “Rooster in My Rari,” the new single off his sophomore album Triple F Life: Fans, Friends, & Family (June 12). Waka cruises in his red Ferrari with his feathery friend, who also gets in on the female action. Go behind the scenes of the comical clip.

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  1. SMH at your life



    jimscreechie Reply:

    @SMH at your life, LOL


  2. TRA

    This really shows how bad the music industry has gotten over the last couple of years. This song is funny and a joke in a bad way. I can’t even blame Nas for making an album called Hip Hop Is Dead, because some music artists don’t care about the art of hip hop anymore.


  3. Ha!

    Coonin at its finest…Hip-Hop is becoming a running joke..smh


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