New Music: Mac Miller x Pharrell – ‘Onaroll’


Mac Miller finds the girl of his dreams on “Onaroll,” the first single off his collaborative EP with Pharrell, Pink Slime. The Pittsburgh rapper flows over the bombastic beat, produced by The Neptunes hitmaker. “She get good grades, suck good d**k, what more could you ask for?/ Big ol’ butt, love to f**k, what more could you ask for?” raps Miller. See how he rolls.

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  1. Miles

    I’m here for Pharell


    + Reply:

    @Miles, same!


    #RihannaNAVi Reply:

    @+, Me too


    :) Reply:

    @+, Co-Sign!


    iStyla6969 Reply:



  2. @AveTon



  3. bigtymer

    this straight. i dig it


  4. Jake

    The hell did I just listen to? Well maybe it will grow on me.


  5. iStyla6969

    yup, me 2


  6. GR

    It’s not too bad; kinda like the beat.


  7. Chet

    This shit goes so damn hard!!! Pharrel you put it down on the muhfuckin beat. My Gaaaah!


  8. TheDreamer

    This is garbage. Usually Pharell songs are good.


    fred Reply:

    @TheDreamer, im sorry, is your mixtape better?


  9. Number1



  10. flysly

    Love me some mac miller


  11. Iconic Iggy

    Mac Miller has never disappointed me


  12. Rui park

    Sh*t dope 4sure


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