New Music: Usher f/ A$AP Rocky – ‘Hot Thing’

Usher and A$AP Rocky

Usher ignites the club on the Pharrell-produced “Hot Thing” off his seventh album Looking 4 Myself, due June 12. A$AP Rocky comes through with a cool verse, name checking Christian Louboutin, Murciélago, and Nicki Minaj.

“I really wanted to create something that I felt would work in both our worlds, a fun record that would be a little bit irresponsible,” the R&B superstar told MTV News. “You gotta just let it go. No apologies, fuck it.”

The song was originally recorded by Pharrell’s i am OTHER artist Maxine Ashley, with a feature from Lil Wayne.

In addition to A$AP, other guests on Myself include Rick Ross (“Lemme See”), Pharrell (“Twisted”), and Luke Steele on the title track.

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  1. Ha!

    smh..Usher please keep looking for yourself..this is not it..find the old you or something


    King Size Reply:

    @Ha!, Sounds good to me for a bonus track


    2011k Reply:

    @Ha!, I listened to the snippets the other day, and if they are indicative of the rest, his album will pretty good this go round. I don’t really like this song, but it is a bonus track, so whatevs…


  2. Jrizzy

    What the fuck… Garbage


  3. Blahhhh

    I bump 2 this… 4 Usher? ummmmm… But I can pop-it to it.


  4. Nicole



  5. Okyeah

    This song reminds of his song “Hot Tottie”


  6. ovoxo

    This sounds exactly like Hot Toddy! Please get back to your original roots like usher, 8701 and confession. I understand going in the new trend of music but its not all that great. I hope the New album is well.


  7. Cranberry

    One thing I hate is close minded music listeners who have the audacity to tell an artist to “go back” to their old sound, their “true” sound, as if they know them personally.

    Do you even know what being an artist is? GROWTH and CHANGE. Keywords.


    Edd Reply:

    @Cranberry, No, an artist is expressing emotion and knowledge through your art form as its life-line (in this case music) with what is going on in his life and such like other fans i would expect something more in-tune with his old-style RnB or like how Climax was which is in fact his strong suit and in this generation sets him from the generic crap fed to us through the radio. I personally find it painful when artists differ from their strong suits to be in line with what is “hip” right now. Thing is the artists carved into history never changed and thats why they are remembered.


  8. Ice

    I usually buy Usher albums, but not this time. Sorry, this isn’t the Usher I love.


    True Story Reply:

    @Ice, you say it! The title rnb king is gone back to rkelly


    king usher Reply:

    @True Story, Oh F**k YOU ICE GO BACK LISTENING To your 106&park music


  9. CarlosBonegro

    this is bad and not in a good way smh


  10. King Size

    It’s funny dat y’all judging a bonus track but whatever and for the person who said get back to 8701 or confessions. I hate to break it to u but it’s 2012 not 2001 or 2004


  11. Triniti

    Not feeling it.


  12. Face

    !!! @ the comments that mentions this is year 2000 and fucking 12 and growth and change is needed and inevitable.

    If anyone was REALLY listening, this sounds like an updated 8701.

    But this is why Usher, and many other artists, can’t be great now. Stop asking them to revisit days that are long gone. I don’t want another Confessions or 8701. Artists aren’t supposed to rehash!


  13. The Real B[randy]

    Usher just worked with Rocky cause he’s cute. #HOTTHING


  14. Edd

    No one is oppossed to change but there is a difference between evolving to be better and completing differing to make mediocre stuff


  15. DJInVincible74

    IMO, Usher’s last 3 albums have been his best to date. He’s tried to some new sounds and broke some new ground as an artist. My favorite songs from his last 3 albums include “OMG”, “Hottie Toddie”, and “More”(Jimmie Joker Remix).


  16. DJInVincible74

    PS: This songs rocks as well as that other song on the album that Pharrell produced with the 50s vibe to it!


  17. bonbon

    Really nigga? Really?


  18. phucku

    haven’t listened yet but the album is getting great early reviews.


  19. True Story

    Flop i hatee the new dancetracks from usher the title rnb king is gone back to One and only r.kelly


  20. vik

    i personally had to fast forward to the part where the rap came in bc the song was taking too long… :( i’m sad about that.. i’ll listen to climax again.. luv that joint!


  21. Hugh

    Not the best song ive heard from the album


  22. Jay

    I’m loving this joint!!! It’s so different. I can jam to this fasho! :)


  23. ponce



  24. TheDreamer

    Bad!! What happened to the R&B Confessions Usher? I love song so far on the album.


  25. king usher

    this song is another banger.


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