New Music: Akon – ‘America’s Most Wanted’


Nearly four years after releasing Freedom, Akon returns to the scene with “America’s Most Wanted,” the first single from his oft-delayed album Stadium, due September 11. “You’re America’s most wanted tonight/ I’ll do my 25 to life if I can have you by my side,” sings the Konvict Muzik CEO on the dance-pop record, which he debuted at the Miss USA competition.


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  1. Cudder

    urgh no rap


    YMCMB Reply:

    @Cudder, I know right?! That’s his specialty, rapping….smh


  2. Abdul

    AKON! Ur tha best artist in tha world! This single iz amazin’, I hope tha other singles iz goin’ 2 be as good as this, or even better! :D


  3. ewoji

    lol this nigga and his judicial system themed music.


    Charisma Reply:

    @ewoji, LMAO. You got me dying in front of my computer


  4. uhuh

    this is actually not wack


  5. MusiqLover

    i like it. catchy and fun. alwauys love me some akon.


  6. James



  7. KayeV

    euro pop / generic .. meh


  8. V

    It still baffles me that people don’t find this sound repetitive.

    How to get a song into the Top 10 of the Hot 100:
    1. Sing about shutting places down, drinking the night away, finding the person of your dreams, and the cheesy stuff people relate to.
    2. Have a catchy hook
    3. Autotune
    4. Sing “oooohs” and “ahhhhhhhs”
    5. RedOne


    ayo Reply:

    @V, true but hw else do u expect akon to get a worldwide hit

    and the song is quite good


  9. KayeV

    i co-sign with @V .. thats on point and dead true .
    and a video which consists of teenage-ish adults doing constant side to side head bops with drinks in their hands and passing out / champagne / girls etc . kinda like Flo ridas videos ( wild ones / whistle / good feeling ).



  10. CC

    first thing i heard when this started was #Starships, not hatin #JustSaying, finally he drops summin decent


  11. cjay

    Akon U̶̲̥̅̊ jst too gifted §☺̣̣̥̇ ‎​ℓ̊ enjoy U̶̲̥̅̊ to keep d candle burning


  12. downy


    [...] || New Music: Akon – ‘America’s Most Wanted’[...]…

  13. Louis

    Chanel you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I look up to you as a model and a pesorn. I aspire to be a model like you. I hope I get to meet you one day at a signing or something. You did an amazing job at the fashion show, you were the most beautiful out there. I love your style and confidence and you inspire me to keep my head up! Thank you for that.


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