New Music: Soulja Boy – ‘Snapbacks & Tattoos (Remix)’

Soulja Boy

Cash rules on Soulja Boy’s remix to Driicky Graham’s single “Snapbacks & Tattoos.” The 21-year-old rapper rhymes about his riches, jet-setting lifestyle, and women. “I’m so sick that I need a money doctor,” boasts Soulja, while letting us know, “Me and Michael Jackson shop at the same store.”

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  1. @iJustoriginate

    Why does he sound like Big Sean? O_o


    Djo Reply:

    @iJustoriginate, he understood where life is


    Ray Reply:

    @Djo, Actually Soulja has been rapping like that before Big Sean, but it’s all about who delivers it


  2. #RihannaNAVi



  3. vladica07

    He is lame.


  4. Sharp Tongue

    Oh my goodness NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. wil

    Wack as fuck as usual…


  6. Triniti

    Oh no.


  7. reallytho

    LAWWD! I ain’t even got nothin to say o_0


  8. dreincharacter

    The only time I wish I was deaf.

    Talentless piece.


  9. ben

    by reading the title of any of soulja boys songs you already know 50% of the lyrics


  10. EmAyDee

    Soulja boy had his chance and I think of actual MC’s who have three times the talent. Soulja boy was the reason I gave up on mainstream. Big K.R.I.T. is the south’s new savior. An MC with lyrical content and has that southern feel. Hard to come by folks.


  11. TheDreamer

    WTF is this?


  12. JoE APOLLO

    DIS NIGGA SO GARBO WHY DO U HAVE AH DEAL!?? the chorus go hard but dude you need to learn how to rap and deliver..Soldja boi ah ol pie ass rapper and das straight up… i got lil niggas ah clown u in the booth smh


  13. JoE APOLLO

    MAN THIS NIGGA SO MAHFUCKIN GARBO!! WHY DO HE STILL GOT AH DEAL WIT ANYBODY!???!? U came hard wit the chorus no lie but damn, dude yo verses sound like SHIT, i got lil niggas in mobile that ah murk yo ass in ah booth.. boy u sleep, lay owt da game and let reall rappers get dat spot u takin for granted.. my email attatched, ill murk you and yo whole team on any track.. yo music make me mad breh, so yeah i FEEL sume typa way… go back to makin ring tones and dances..STRAIGHT LYK DAAAT..


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  15. Ahmed

    Yall really think you need heart to pull a tgriger. Guns don’t represent death, they represent fear. If someone is trying to rob you, it’s not heart that makes you shoot, it’s fear. People don’t carry guns because they’re hard. They carry guns because they’re afraid of something. Soulja Boy is not hard. He shot somebody out of self-defense, out fear.


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