50 Cent to Oprah: I Paint My Grandmother’s Toenails

50 Cent and Oprah

50 Cent may seem like a tough guy, but he has a softer side. During his sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey for “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” the hip-hop heavyweight shared his love for his grandparents and even shocked Oprah when he revealed that he paints his grandmother’s toenails.

“I always had a connection with her,” said Fif, while seated in his grandma’s living room. “I used to sit there and rub on her feet, even paint on her toenails.”

He bragged about his extensive experience. “I could paint a toenail like we in the nail shop. I do that for her ’cause her feet swell up.”

During their candid conversation, he also spoke about believing in a higher power. “I’m not afraid of dying. I’ve accepted that I’m not in control,” said 50, who used to be scared of flying. “Either pray or worry. Don’t do both.”

Catch a sneak peek below and see more words of wisdom from Curtis Jackson when the full interview airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. on OWN.

50 Cent Talks Painting Toenails

50 Cent: Pray or Worry

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  1. Magik

    Fiddy is a REAL boss! He needs to come back in the game. He is missed.


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  3. Joe

    Ooooh I wanna watch this. Last time I checked 50 was dissing Oprah…


    XO till we overdose... Reply:

    @Joe, i really like how much 50 has changed. he’s not AS arrogant as he used to me and he’s willing to show more vulnerability than before.
    if only he could put this into his music!


  4. TheDreamer

    This looks real interesting.


  5. Hugh

    Very true. Pray and stop worrying


  6. G-ma

    I’m glad Oprah had him on because she always had this prejudice against “gangster rappers” and now she can see that you should look a little deeper…


  7. G-ma

    Lol I used to paint my grandmother’s toenails, too. I think a lot of us grandkids did. You know grandmom’s can’t bend down there and get their feet like they used to. I used to cut her toe nails and everything…trying to get the thick pinky toe nail. She used to bag up!Lol


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  9. warren ladson harlem n.y.

    50cent is a very up lifting person all he has been through in his life he is an exsample of only the strong survives! i pray that he keeps getting all things good in his life amen1


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