Rita Ora Covers Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘No Church in the Wild’

Rita Ora

Throw your diamonds in the sky. Rita Ora repped the Roc during her visit to BBC Radio 1Xtra’s “Live Lounge” at the Hackney Academy. The blonde bombsell performed her chart-topping single “R.I.P.” and put a new spin on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne single “No Church in the Wild.” Listen to her impressive acoustic rendition below.


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  1. BreezyLover

    LOVE IT!

    she’s great!


  2. bossenough

    Rihanna can’t do this


    Cranberry Reply:

    @bossenough, why would she want to? Zzzz.


    maya Reply:

    wasn’t expecting it to be this good, wow!


  3. Miss L

    Vocals are way better than Rihanna no doubt about it!!!


  4. BW Extreme

    She sounds better in this song than Melody Thornton.


  5. SUpercool

    THIS BITCH SUCKS! Why the fcuk they sign this terrible ass hoe, she needa make her own damn songs!!!


    Morgan Reply:

    @SUpercool, Her star is rising while you’re sitting on your ass hating with no foundation. Looks like you’re the bitch who sucks.


  6. -_-

    She sounds great! And stop freaking comparing her to Rihanna. Why do fans have to create feuds that don’t exist? Just enjoy the music…or not.


  7. :)

    Amazing voice.


  8. Susan

    Love her; amazing cover. Big, big future.


  9. WonderLand19

    She did such a great job!


  10. Mr. Alexanda

    I like that right there!


  11. S*

    off the chain


  12. TheDreamer

    Great vocals.


  13. Hugh

    Wonder if Jay told her not to do his verse!?


  14. RihannaLover

    She sounds great! These damn Rihanna/Rita comparisons! Unlike her, Rihanna has her own niche in the industry! Rita has a nice voice but her music leaves much to be desired. Let’s wait and see what her album offers! Till then, Rihanna remains ever untouchable!#carryon


  15. olenchic

    nice comments you guys but we all know she is pretty and a great vocalist. well i will say the music is on point


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