50 Cent Talks Feud, Lyrics, & Love with Oprah

50 Cent and Oprah

After years of a rumored feud, 50 Cent and Oprah buried the hatchet (if there even was one) on “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” The media titan visited 50 at his grandparents’ house in South Jamaica, Queens, and got to know 50 Cent the rapper and the man behind the persona, Curtis Jackson.

They discussed their “beef,” use of the N-word, his drug dealing past, and whether he’s ever been in love.

During a visit to his childhood home, 50 got emotional as he remembered his mother, who died when he was only eight years old.

Watch the candid conversation in its entirety below.

Part 1

Part 2


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  1. Jordan Gabriel

    Oprah is showing too much attitude. I don’t like her in this interview. 50 comes across more personable.


    quietspirit101 Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel,Yeah im feelin the same way ….I wont even post this to my facepage…
    He(50) has to defend who he is on all points/levels with oprah…no one asked her to agree on who and what defines Curtis/50…her energy & personal opinions should of been left outside his grandparents home….she would of not spoke to a another race with such jugement….I’m Done!


  2. vladica07

    He seems like a great guy.I loved the interview!


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  4. 50fan



  5. Victoria

    “I heard you had a bitch named Oprah.”


  6. Brian Cady-Welch

    Next 50 cent ^^^^^^^^
    thats all you needa know


  7. Ice

    “Won’t some sheese and crackers?”


    Loved the interview though, 50 is humble.


  8. quietspirit101

    I Loved Part2….much better!


  9. me

    I LOVE 50


  10. Salvador P.

    This is the first 50 Cent interview I have ever seen, and I am really fascinated by it. He comes across as a very humble person, who isn’t fazed by the success he’s achieved. How often can we really say that about the players in this game?

    I agree with Oprah when she said that 50′s answers were very thoughtful. For example, the statement about “pray or worry, but don’t do both.” He seems so comfortable in his skin without a hint of arrogance. By honoring his family and using his life experiences as lessons learned, I am now beginning to see why 50 has achieved monumental success in this industry.

    He knows how and when to flip the switch from over-the-top 50 Cent to homebody Curtis Jackson. Here’s to hoping that this interview will enable viewers to gain a new appreciation for this man’s hustle – it did for me!


  11. Hugh

    Nice interview


  12. TheDreamer

    I didn’t like some of the questions Oprah asked him…she kept on saying why use cursing, sexy women and stuff like that. But 50 stayed calm and humble. I love that he loves his grandmother and grandfather so much.


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