Unique Zayas Readies EP ‘It Is What It Is’

Unique Zayas

Unique Zayas has already conquered Japan with his debut From Brooklyn to You—which topped the iTunes charts for four weeks—and now he has his sights set on his home turf. Previously signed to Def Jam, the 23-year-old Brooklynite is readying his EP It Is What It Is for release on Impact Records this summer. His first U.S. project features contributions from Claude Kelly, Courtney Harrell, Chuck Harmony, and Jon Jon Traxx.

With his one-of-a-kind style and genre-crossing sound, he’s carving his own lane. “That’s my only focus is to be the voice for the weirdos, for the people like me,” said Unique.

Get familiar with the rising star as he performs his cuts “I Got You,” “Poppa Willy,” and “Show Off” during a recent New York show.

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  1. Mariah2012

    his hair… :O … so effing cute!!

    *sings* where has he been all my liiife?


  2. viciuzurban

    GO DUDE!


  3. Balenciaga



    (^o^) Reply:


    You saw the Queen?! Im so jealous. Where was she? -_-


    JJ Reply:

    @Balenciaga, Hater. Let that man live and worry about you.

    I’m intrigued by his image and story. Gotta hear more music tho


  4. Petra

    Dreamers!!!! Been A Fan For Years. His Hard Work Is Starting To Pay Off But This Is Only The Beginning!! #ItIsWhatItIs Congrats Unique



    good luck dude


  6. Jay

    I cant support Unique until he comes out the closet. Im drop dead serious.


  7. JustSayin..

    Dude is hot! been a fan also since Wrote You A Song! He gonna do it big..


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