Meek Mill and Drake Shoot ‘Amen’ Video in Philadelphia

Drake and Meek Mill

During the “Club Paradise” tour stop in Philadelphia over the weekend, Drake and Philly’s own Meek Mill teamed up to shoot the video for “Amen” off Meek’s mixtape Dreamchasers 2. The tourmates performed on the iconic steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art where Rocky was filmed. Cameras were banned, but Complex managed to score some candid footage.

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  1. MeganUK



  2. edison

    Its all About G.O.O.D. Music not that OVOXO


    precious Reply:

    @edison, Amen


    Mrunhateable Reply:

    @edison, That was unnecessary


    ewfefw Reply:

    @edison, i like good but i cant stand insecure hating ass niggas that make bitchass comments like this as if people arent entitled to their own tastes


  3. DrakeTakeCare

    drizzyy!!! ovo till we overdose!
    milllyyy also one of the best out there


  4. reallytho

    Love Drake’s verse on this :)


  5. TheDreamer

    I love this song!


  6. MJ

    Drake has been in NEED of a stylist for the LONGEST time. Meek aint hiding either with that blazer and Tim boots…


    RealIssh Reply:

    @MJ, Lmaooo – I was thinking that . Drake shirt beat up in that birdcage chest . Meek look like a walking not dog .

    Ain’t nobody got time for that .


    OG Silver Reply:

    @MJ, Is hating a style? If so, then you the one that needs a stylist! And FYI that was a designer “jacket” meek was wearing, NOT a blazer. (By the way…nut…he wore a Ghost Rolls Royce TO the video shot, and an Aston Martin Rapide from it. Not to mentioon he accesorized it all with a wrapped tour bus, and a mobile studio tour bus…get ya weight up! Lol) Please…get a life, and stop hating on the fact that you not living Meeks life.


  7. Ladye

    to a bio-weapons degsiner; “Was ANYONE on your degsin team combat-experienced?” How anyone could propose a weapon system with a 40lb battery pack is beyond me.


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