Video: Stacy Barthe – ‘Keep It Like It Is’

Stacy Barthe

Stacy Barthe steers her own course in the video for “Keep It Like It Is” off her digital EP In the Inbetween. The R&B songstress, who is signed to John Legend’s HomeSchool Records, drifts out to sea in a boat as she reflects on the end of her relationship (Luke James can be seen in the burning photo). She and her band perform in the middle of the water while the sun sets over the mountains. Sail along to Stacy’s soothing sounds.

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  1. Liky

    Her voice is so relaxing and sultry…… I love it


  2. Redchainsaw



  3. KayeV

    some real music from a lovely artist/songwriter !! much luv


  4. Terry Realist

    You have got to be kidding me. She might be a nice person, a fantastic songwriter, and even a decent underrated artist, BUT this song is not the move! It’s terrible! The stylist should be fired and it has nothing to do with her size. She is a pretty girl, but this did nothing for her at all. Definitely expected more/better from her. She really is talented.


  5. Cali Kid

    Never heard of her before but as soon as she opened her mouth I knew I was going to like her! I’m definately going to put this on my ipod! She has an amazing voice!


  6. AOL

    Stacey is looking good and lost A LOT OF WEIGHT! WOW!….do your thing!


  7. juicybear

    love her!!


  8. Hartsy

    Her music is so deep and real and she sings it with such style and amazing vocals. Drink my Pain away is my favorite track by her!! love all her music


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