50 Cent Sells Headphones on QVC

50 Cent

After bonding with Oprah during a sit-down interview on OWN, 50 Cent made another unexpected appearance. The hip-hop mogul was on QVC on Tuesday night hawking his SYNC and STREET headphones. He showed off their durability and bragged about the sound quality as his music played in the background. Viewers called in to speak with the rapper and cop a pair of the $250-plus headphones, which ended up selling out.

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  1. Diddy Bonkaz

    I can dig it he it appanding his money by Investing THIS IS A SMART RAPPER. #RealRap #KeepGettinMoney


  2. HeavyHeavy

    Please stick to business and not music, think he could be like diddy and jay if he plays his cards right


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  4. hellno

    oh my….this is just sad.


  5. custom-cookie-swag

    haha lol @ fifty dropping them every 5 seconds. doesnt look very professional smh


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    [...] RU spotted this clip of 50 joining the popular home shopping network to promo his headphones. Say what you want about his music at this point, but you can’t know his business hustle. [...]

  7. tgod

    His business sense is great and according to me his still king of this rap game. All these wannabe be rappers collaborating with everyone annoys me and none can touch fif. Ggggggggunit


  8. toast2themosthigh

    can this nigga plz make another good album?…his music is all down hill…his money is right…but the music is stright booty…and now he on QVC?…hooray for rap music??? -_-


  9. Jazzzzzzz

    This is what happens when you’re bored and rich


  10. Deborah

    Good for him! Love to see his moving outside the music business – always support hustlers


  11. kingABC

    oprah gave him that salt water disease. thirsty for more $$$$$!!


  12. TheDreamer

    He’s smart for investing. The headphones look pretty good.


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