Nas Talks Fatherhood, Use of the N-Word on CNN


With Father’s Day around the corner, Nas stopped by CNN’s “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien” to discuss what it’s like to raise his 3-year-old son Knight and 17-year-old daughter Destiny, who inspired his latest single “Daughters.”

“This song was a way for me to teach her and embarrass her at the same time,” said the Queens MC, whose album Life Is Good drops July 17.

He was also questioned about his use of the N-word. “As I get older, the need for me to use it in my music is not so much as it used to be,” stated Nas, who also defended its use in his lyrics. “Young street corner language winds up on the radio and it speaks to a lot of young people.”

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  1. 2Trill

    lately I feel the less I hear from nas, the better. For someone who is supposed to be so intelligent, he says and does a lot of ignorant stuff.

    And no, he doesn’t have the power to give anyone a “pass,” nor does he speak for me.


    thatguy Reply:

    @2Trill, he tries some don’t try at all


    Cleo Reply:


    Agreed. He should hold on to his ‘legendary’ status as a deep, intellectual lyricist. All of this random talk will start to make him look foolish.


  2. thatguy

    Nas Is that guy that started it all you can hate all you want but he’s here bruh


  3. thaTROOF

    Nas articulates his thoughts better thru poetry (lyrics) rather than speech. Its like that singer Michele’ who sounded like a baby when she spoke, but sounded like a grown woman when she sang. Some artists better communicate thru their craft but are socially awkward ppl


  4. Tbones

    Lol @ the ignoramuses above me faking the funk n acting too smart for their own good.


    YMCMINAJ Reply:

    @Tbones, lol “too smart” for their own good? oh yea? those are the exact type of people who leave the hood, and make something for themselves. money > hood

    if you dont understand that, you probably still in the projects LOL


  5. TheDreamer

    I love the song. The interview wasn’t too bad…I felt he was pressurised too much to answer the questions.


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