Trey Songz Talks Kelly Rowland, Clothing Line, & ‘Chapter V’ on ’106 & Park’

Terrence J and Trey Songz

The ladies went wild when Trey Songz stopped by “106 & Park” to premiere the video for his new single “2 Reasons” featuring T.I. The R&B heartthrob spoke about working with his “Heart Attack” co-star Kelly Rowland, his recording process, and his female clothing line, Trey’s Angels, which will launch at the end of August.

Plus, he shared some insight into his upcoming album Chapter V, due August 21. “It just covers all bases for me,” Trey told Terrence J. “As an R&B singer and someone who’s made his career off R&B, I see a lot of guys going in other directions musically and I want to let my core fans know that the core and the essence of what my music has been will always be there.”

But he’s also not afraid to try new things. “It’s about evolution and trying to grow,” he said.

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  1. RomanReloaded

    Kelly and Trey Are So Fucking !


    giizus kryst Reply:

    @RomanReloaded, hha exactlly what I thought


  2. kelly macintosh

    lord dear heavenly father “we thank you” for trey songz ;)


  3. Beautiful



  4. Lola

    Who’s going to buy his clothes when he’s dressed like that… MESS. I can just imagine the dresses will be trashy.. eurgh


  5. SW

    My girlfriend would be able to cheat on me anytime with this NI**A. DAMNNNNNN it hurts my heart.


  6. Myrl22

    Trey is just so easy on the eye


  7. TheDreamer

    I love this guy. He’s cute.


  8. [email protected]

    wasnt his dream collabo Beyonce? So now he’s settled for Kelly Rowland, you know Beyonce cant work with you now right Trey>


    AJ4TreynKeri Reply:

    @[email protected], he always wants to collaborate with female artists, didn’t he also include Rihanna? You can’t expect him to jump over every chance/offer until he gets to duet with B


  9. Azly Olve

    LOL somebody need to sing to me that was funny. would like to see him act in a Movie and Good for him aslo Would luv for him to collabo with Dondria & Kely Rowland if that happen


  10. i love trey songz♥

    i love him


  11. fosoh

    THAT N***A is so cool.


  12. Lesego

    Trey u’re da best..and kelly is yours!


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    webpage || Trey Songz Talks Kelly Rowland, Clothing Line, & ‘Chapter V’ on ’106 & Park’

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