Behind the Video: Melanie Fiona f/ J. Cole – ‘This Time’

Melanie Fiona and J. Cole

The Roc was in the building when Melanie Fiona connected with her Roc Nation cohort J. Cole while shooting the video for “This Time,” the latest single off her sophomore album The MF Life. The clip, directed by Colin Tilley, will debut tomorrow on “106 & Park.”

“I wanted some male energy on this record,” said Melanie. “I reached out to Cole and we had already done a song with Wale ['Beautiful Bliss'] and we all just really had great chemistry on the record. I was a fan of J. Cole. We met at the very, very beginning of his career, so we’ve kind of come up together.”

Go behind the scenes of their collaboration below.

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  1. Critic

    Love this song! Excited that they chose it as a single.
    She looks beautiful.
    Can’t wait for the video!


  2. MH

    YAY! I loveeee this song and Melanie’s entire album. I hope she releases at least two more singles.


    Kyle Reply:

    @MH, me too! I hope she releases “Wrong Side of a Love Song”!


  3. BOMB

    Video looks like its got that T.I. “Got your back” Ft Keri Hilson look


    L Reply:

    @BOMB, I actually thought this too, noticed the picture before I even saw the title of the article


  4. L

    @BOMB I actually thought this too, noticed the picture before I even saw the title of the article


  5. queenlaven



  6. Oh Yea

    J Cole look sexy in that thumbnail


  7. Lauren

    YESSSSSSSSS….Cole World!!!


  8. Kalin

    It won’t be along now before Melanie, Justin & Drake collaborate/do it for Canada lol…they can call the song “Bottles & Paparazzi” lmao

    “Cole World, Cole Life, Cole Blooded”


  9. Phoenix Wright

    Hmm I actually wished she would have picked a different song as a single, but This Time isn’t bad. I just would have preferred Wrong Side of A Love Song, Change the Record or Watch Me Work.


  10. MinajRules2012

    Sorry yah if i been hating to much… i was diagnosed with schizophrenia last week… And i be forgeting to take my meds…sorry yah!!! I promise ill be nicer for now on on rap up… And PLEASE if anyone see that i wrote a negative comment please recomment me and remind me to take my pills because it just means i forgot!!!!! PLEASE REMIND ME!!!!!


  11. Hugh

    Melanie looks gorgeous


  12. Mandy

    Melanie not only is gorgeous and sufluol in her music, she seems to have an amazing personality and a down to earth vibe that I’m sure so many people are drawn to! I’m sure this album has some of those *bust out in song in the shower* feel!I’m a fan :0)Keep reppin’ for our city, Melanie!


  13. Gloria

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