50 Cent’s Grandmother Doesn’t Listen to His Music or Attend His Concerts

50 Cent and His Grandmother

50 Cent’s grandmother, Beulah Jackson, joined him during the second part of his interview with Oprah on “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” The woman who raised one of hip-hop’s biggest stars revealed that she only buys his albums to help his sales, but doesn’t listen to the music. Nor does she attend his concerts. “Too many teenagers and all that yellin’,” she laughed.

A emotional 50 fought back tears while remembering his mother Pauline, who died when he was only 8 years old. “I don’t think she would have agreed with me going in the direction of the hustle,” he said. “But the music and everything else that happened, I think she would be very proud of me.”

During their candid conversation, Curtis also explained why he provokes other rappers. “Battling has always been a part of the culture,” he told Oprah. “Sometimes it’s just part of the game and there’s other times when people start to take to it just because the other person is the underdog at that point.”

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  1. Gaite

    she was pretty in the movie !


  2. AJ

    I make music & I have yet to let my grandmother hear one lyric! I know she’ll only be judgemental about every “shit” & “ass” she hears


  3. Republican in congress & governors plot To Sabotage US Economy & blame Obama for it

    Why would his grandmother listen to his music knowing what she knows about rap/hiphop music and why would she go to his concerets to hear lyrics with the n-word, the b-word, the f-word, etc. WHY?! In addition these concerts will amass young men with sagging pants with their underwear all exposed in public and being indecently exposed. That should be a crime for being a sin. Is that what his grandmother should be subjected to? I dont think so. Thank u grandma for being principled and having common decency which too many young people lack. Im sure she did her best to set a good example and fitty …. 50 cents is a decent young man. I hope so. He looks meek and mild right there (right thurr). Im sure he is humble and not acting so and fronting in front of Oprah and his grandmother.


  4. Republican in congress & governors plot To Sabotage US Economy & blame Obama for it




    @ Gaite you watched this and all you could say was she was pretty in the movie? Of course idiot ITS A FUCKIN MOVIE!


  6. Sharp Tongue

    He so sexy to me.


  7. H.N.I.C.

    ………neither does anybody else.


  8. TheDreamer

    I think it’s best that she doesn’t listen to his music.


  9. CoolBreeze

    His mothers’ name was Sabrina not Pauline. It’s mentioned in his book the 50th Law.


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