Iggy Azalea Dances with Superheroes in ‘Beat Down’ Video

Steve Aoki and Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea enlisted some help from Spider-Man and Batman while shooting the video for Steve Aoki’s “Beat Down” featuring Angger Dimas. The Aussie rapper, who just inked a deal with Wilhelmina Models, whips her blonde ponytail in a boxing ring as she struts in her stilettos.

T.I.’s protégée had full creative control over the video, which was inspired by a YouTube clip of people dancing in superhero costumes. “They were just getting it and I was like, ‘This has to be in here,’” said Iggy, whose EP Glory drops later this month.

“A lot of the stuff I was gonna save for the album,” she explained. “I sometimes like to hold on to stuff, but I didn’t. I put everything that I felt was great, I put it on Glory, and now I have nothing for my album [The New Classic]. I hope that everybody will really love this project ’cause I did give it my best.”

The full video for “Beat Down” will premiere June 21. Go behind the scenes below.

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  1. Rick

    Ready to see everything come into play for….she’s putting in work!


  2. Sharp Tongue

    Yesss I live for her hair she’s awesome to me another female in the game getting her money doing her.


  3. OpD2

    is that some @ss im seeing around back there at 0:15…….


  4. 1-800-SlapThatDELUSION

    She’s such a whore. I can’t. I hope her career is as deep as her throat. What ever happened to ladies that had respect for themselves? Why you gotta trick to just get a treat? Naw what I mean?


    Roman Zolanski Reply:

    @1-800-SlapThatDELUSION, How Is She a whore,what did she do that is so ‘whoreish’?


    Cranberry Reply:

    @1-800-SlapThatDELUSION, don’t you stan for Fist Brown? Who puts his dick in anything that moves?

    Double standards, much? But then again, you are a fan of a woman beating scum so how can anyone expect you to have any moral decency…


  5. DrunkenMINAJ

    YASSSSSS ! I can’t wait to see this video, I know it’s gonna slay. I love this record.


  6. tamar

    Cute. I hope she progresses in her career.


  7. WonderLand19

    Iggy and Banks are killin it for me. Both of these women are fresh, hungry and creative. Something that is needed in the female rap scene. I really hope both women gain huge success and can give Nicki some healthy competition.


  8. xSTEV3N

    she’s so gorgeous & sexy & unnnnnnfff


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