Enter Chris Brown’s ‘Fortune’ Scavenger Hunt – Clue #2

Chris Brown Scavenger Hunt Clue #2

With his album Fortune two weeks away, Chris Brown is taking Team Breezy on a scavenger hunt. The R&B superstar will be dropping clues across the web and if you can correctly answer his questions, you may win some cool items from Breezy’s personal collection or the ultimate grand prize, a trip to one of his favorite cities. You can find clue #2 right here on Rap-Up.com.

Clue #2: In his music video for “Strip,” Chris Brown is wearing a cap by which hockey team?

Prize: Custom autographed hat worn by Chris during his electrifying performance of “Kiss Kiss” at the 2007 American Music Awards.

Think you know the answer? If so, click here to enter.

Find out how to play and read the official rules.

Chris Brown Hat

Win this hat worn by Chris at the 2007 AMAs!

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  1. dexlovesrih

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooo original!i love it!!yahhhhhz..no one and i mean NOOOOO 1 has ever made their fans “UNLOCK” and look for clues and stuff!cute =)


    Neickha Reply:

    @dexlovesrih, he did it before with Exclusive :)


    Wow Reply:

    @dexlovesrih, Ummmmmmmmm Rihanna did with Talk That Talk…….


    JULZ Reply:

    @dexlovesrih, beyonce has :)


  2. Kunt

    this scavenger hunt is dope :)


  3. Diamond

    When do they let you know if you won the hat


    ola_otan Reply:

    @Diamond, #QuestionForTheGods


  4. #RihannaNAVi

    I wish Rihanna did something like this :(


    :) Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, For?


    #RihannaNAVi Reply:

    @:), For her fans obv


  5. shay

    When do you find out who was the first to answer the second question on the scavenger hunt?


    Diamond Reply:

    @shay, same thing im wondering


    Danaye Reply:

    @shay, Probably tomorrow when the third question comes


  6. kyle

    Beyonce does it all the time, just did with her revel concert


  7. Erica Allen

    oh yeah i got it right


  8. ladybugbreezy

    This won’t. Be easy but fun yes!!!! #TEAMBREEZY





    patrick Reply:

    @BREEZYBANDSSSSSS, is it sabes hat?


  10. sha

    This post was out since 9 or 10 am and they didnt say anything on the website smh


  11. sha

    Nvm I was wrong


  12. Wiiz Kenisha :)

    I Just want his number and a day with chris. lols. i just want him to get to know mee . that would be a nice opportunity to unlock


  13. TheDreamer

    I love this idea. Bey did it for Revel too.


  14. cts

    uh isn’t that from the michael jackson tribute perfomance, not the kiss kiss performance?


  15. Stre3t Danc@

    Ughhh dying to win this!


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