Rita Ora Rocks Acoustic Set for VEVO

Rita Ora

Rita Ora put her raw talent on display during a stripped-down set for VEVO LIFT. Roc Nation’s blonde bombshell took it back to basics with an acoustic performance of her No. 1 hit “R.I.P.” and empowering anthem “Roc the Life” off her upcoming debut Ora, due in September.

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  1. True blood

    Rita was amazinggggg on GMA this morning. The next big thing!!!!!!!!!!


  2. zitty

    Roc The Life


  3. Jordan Gabriel

    I don’t like her live singing. Went to see her at Lovebox festival in London last weekend, it wasn’t music to my ears.


    INCAS Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel, hmm i thought she was good at lovebox. I hope to watch her at an intimate concert one day! #ora


    leslie Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel, She killed it at lovebox. Everybody was going crazy.
    Loved her this morning, and I hope she does another performance before she leaves.


  4. Jordan Gabriel

    roc the life was better though





  6. Billionaire

    How could someone be this talented but yet boring as hell! #IDon’tGetIt


  7. jay$$

    I don’t care what they say – Rita Ora is here to stay. She is extremely talented and I hate that people have written her off as a Rihanna clone when she is everything but. Rihanna didn’t create the look she has; she borrowed bits and pieces from other styles and created something eclectic and there’s nothing wrong with that but Rita has been dressing this way for years. She says she gets her style inspiration from Gwen Stefani. How can someone be a flop if her album and OFFICIAL debut single hasnt even dropped yet? Jay-Z knew what he was doing when he chose her. He has a ear and eye like no other. He makes stars. She will go far and i hate that people call her boring because she isn’t out here being loose. All attention isn’t good attention. She’s doing things her wy. The real, organic way. Diversity is what makes the world different. What would the world be like if everyone did things the same way?


    JueLz Reply:

    @jay$$, Preach!


  8. flysly

    love love love the first video


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