Behind the Video: B.o.B f/ Taylor Swift – ‘Both of Us’

B.o.B and Taylor Swift

B.o.B and Taylor Swift braved bugs and the blistering heat while shooting the video for “Both of Us,” their collaboration off Bobby Ray’s sophomore album Strange Clouds. The Atlanta rapper and the country sweetheart brought their own flavors to the Nashville countryside in the summery clip.

“My vision for the video is a collage of different aspects of humanity in the southern states, particularly around Nashville,” explained director Jake Nava (Beyoncé, Adele).

B.o.B was surprised by how smoothly things progressed. “This video is actually the quickest moving video I’ve ever done in my life,” he said. “I like to step it up with each video. I really like to challenge myself, and Jake he really pushes me to deliver an even more enhanced performance than what I’m used to delivering.”

Go behind the scenes before the full video premieres June 27 on MTV.

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  1. ern

    really looking forward to see this!! that b.o.b guy have a really interesting talent, and taylor is great too.. rap+country-pop.. so feelin’ it;)


  2. Blurkness1

    Boxers! =D


  3. MinajSucks

    This surprisingly looks good. Taylor looks gorge.


  4. whitechocolate

    taylah look boinky as a mother in this vid…go head swifteets


  5. Rob

    Video looks good. Taylor looks hot. Song will still flop sadly. Not generic enough for mainstream radio.


  6. Nina

    Taylor looks so pretty! Can’t wait for this video :D


  7. Diego

    I guess he trying to save his flop album by releasing this pop forced collabo I don’t buy this song it’s clear he used Taylor for sales great try not gonna work


    bobtaylor Reply:

    @Diego, No, Taylor invited him to her show and they did rehearsals and hung out and he played her this song and she loved it and they finished it together.


  8. Jamie

    It looks like it’s going to be a good video.


  9. Jay

    Nice! This video looks like it’s gonna be great! :)


  10. M

    I dont know why but I dont like her


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