Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne Collaborate on ‘Backpack’

Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne have their first collaboration in the bag. The pop sensation and Young Money rapper have teamed up on a new record called “Backpack.”

While the song does not appear on Bieber’s new album Believe, he plans to include it on a future re-release.

“I did a song with Lil Wayne and it’s called ‘Backpack,’” the teen heartthrob told Fuse. “It’s probably gonna be coming out on the repackage. It’s dope.”

However, Weezy’s protégée Nicki Minaj does appear on the dance track “Beauty and a Beat.” “I wanted a female rapper and I think that she is the best choice,” he said. “I felt she just fit on the song perfectly.”

Fans may get to see them unite on screen. “Hopefully we get to shoot the video for it. Fingers crossed.”

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  1. nick

    lololol sit down


    Oooh Reply:

    @nick, Irrelevant, here’s your seat —> _/


    Morgan Reply:

    @Oooh, Preach!





  3. boom boom



  4. TrueHonesty

    Haters made because he literally kills your favs? haha. Stay mad. I’ll see you guys in the post about his 400k+ first week sales. The album was dope can’t wait to hear the song!


    Lauren Reply:

    @TrueHonesty, These haters are so damn funny.


  5. reallytho

    Lil Wayne? LMFAO I gotta here this shit!

    Justin: Yeaahhh I got my back back on tellem Weezy

    Lil Wayne: wwwuiebugnn MUDDAAAFUCKAAA feiownfe PUSSY ASS NIGGA aaahhhfehneiufenwoqpn Its Tunechi baby!


    Iconic Iggy Reply:

    @reallytho, LMFAO!!!!!! DEAD


  6. iListen

    Haters are gonna hate. Keep doing you Justin. And all this hate helps keep him motivated to stay around more so, just know that with his numbers showing NO signs of letting up, he’s not going anywhere for a long while.


  7. Ryan

    Lil wayne? Can’t wait to hear that song! Justin just upped his game with his new album ‘believe’, who’s with me?


    TeeG Reply:

    @Ryan, ………°crickets. -_______-


  8. TheDreamer

    Please No!


  9. tyrese

    go get em bro


  10. Miri

    why?….WHY???? I don’t understand this…


  11. Lovehim

    All you haters…what your favorite band? Singer? Person? How would you like it if someone bashed on them for no reason? Get a life and stop hating! :)


  12. Niq

    Thanks T. Guru is a legend till they try to kill Hip Hop. Gangstarr is a group that desvrees the light on them more than any other group. i will be writing more T, so look out my friend


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