Video: Mac Miller – ‘Missed Calls’

Mac Miller

Fame gets the best of Mac Miller in the video for “Missed Calls,” a cut off his debut album Blue Slide Park. The Pittsburgh rapper may appear to have it all, but his relationship with his longtime girlfriend suffers after he becomes a star. It’s not long before the couple is fighting and she moves out. She eventually gets engaged, but will it be Mac or another man meeting her at the altar?

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  1. ...

    For some reason he annoys me


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @…, They kill me. They all wanna induldge in hip-hop music etc. Yet, where is the ethnic chicks in their videos?


    White Boy Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Rappers talk about girls… not just black ones. Why do you care what color skin Mac likes? Smh


    Eman Reply:


    you sound stupid, nicki minaj wants to be white you dumb broad.


    Ice Reply:

    @…, He annoys me too.


  2. Iconic Iggy

    Great video! Second favorite song off the album. Diamonds & Pearls is my favorite


  3. flysly

    fuckin love this song


  4. Angel cake

    I loved it


  5. DD

    sick ! im lovin it


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