New Music: Flo Rida f/ Jennifer Lopez – ‘Sweet Spot’

Flo Rida and Jennifer Lopez

Flo Rida hits the “Sweet Spot” with Jennifer Lopez on one of many potential chart-toppers off his fourth album Wild Ones, arriving July 3.

“It’s a very catchy, melodic record,” said the 32-year-old rapper, who told that he plans to shoot the video early next month.

Flo recently went in front of the lens in the video for J.Lo’s single “Goin’ In,” on which he is featured.

“They had me performing around this Lamborghini,” he said. “It was really different ’cause there was one scene where I got on this treadmill and they had me running while performing my verse. I had a chance to look back at the video and it seemed like over the top.”

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  1. m.i.k.e.

    all of his music sound exactly the same #FlopToTheMax



    I’m not supporting this trash! Time to send these artists a message!


    Lilu Reply:

    @KRACK KILLZ, you right but it’s gonna be a hit because of jennys catchy part…


  3. MinajRules2012

    This is just horrid. All this crap sounds the same. Come on man. Everybody can keep re-doing the same song. This sounds like everything else from Pitbull, J-Lo, Flo Rida, time to move on. This song is horrible.


    tgod Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, its a banger shut up.


  4. Kyter'ank

    I hope this mess will flop, just like “Love?” did !


  5. .......

    @Kyter’ank, “Love?” went platinum worldwide so…..


  6. infamous

    Even J.Lo can not upgrade this track.
    Mediocre at it´s best.


  7. jay4YMCMB

    wow… all this negativity on this track.. its just sad cos its gonna end up being a hit.. smh


  8. Sharp Tongue

    I agree his music sounds the same but face it will be a hit just because.


  9. Jenkins

    Interchangeable raps. beats. hooks. shit is actually hilarious to me.


  10. Hugh

    Flo Rida is seriously my favorite artist right now.

    Super dope ish


  11. JHoe

    he must be the most versatile and talented artist ever.


  12. Yara

    This notis is new and hot is Spain


  13. Diego

    Who cares his album gonna come out and sell 23,000 copies like the last one big pop song no record sales lmao


  14. Diego

    Lol j lo 42 year old ass singing about I want candy like a kid lmao pathetic how artist will do anything for a pop hit smh


  15. mikee1025

    This song is amazing….everyone has an opinion but if you dont like it oh well…..I love this song its super hot….love JlO


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