Dance Again...The Hits

Jennifer Lopez Announces Greatest Hits Album ‘Dance Again…The Hits’

Jennifer Lopez is taking a trip down memory lane. The global superstar will release her first-ever greatest hits album Dance Again…The Hits next month.

Packed with chart-topping hits spanning from her 1999 debut On the 6 to 2011’s Love?, the retrospective set will arrive on July 24 via Epic Records. The 16-track album includes J.Lo’s two latest singles “Goin’ In” with Flo Rida and “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull.

Dance Again…The Hits features her debut single “If You Had My Love,” “Jenny from the Block,” “On the Floor,” and remixes with Fabolous, Ja Rule, Fat Joe, and Big Pun. The deluxe edition boasts three additional tracks “All I Have,” “Que Hiciste,” and “Let’s Get Loud,” along with a DVD of music videos.

J.Lo will hit the road with Enrique Iglesias and Wisin & Yandel for a summer tour, beginning July 14 in Montreal. She is also working on a new studio album to be released on Island Def Jam.

Dance Again…The Hits Tracklisting

1. “Dance Again” feat. Pitbull
2. “Goin’ In” feat. Flo Rida
3. “I’m Into You” feat. Lil Wayne
4. “On the Floor” feat. Pitbull
5. “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”
6. “If You Had My Love”
7. “Waiting for Tonight”
8. “Get Right” feat. Fabolous
9. “Jenny from the Block (Trackmasters Remix)” feat. Styles P. & Jadakiss
10. “I’m Real (Remix)” feat. Ja Rule
11. “Do It Well”
12. “Ain’t It Funny (Remix)” feat. Ja Rule & Caddillac Tah
13. “Feelin’ So Good (Remix)” feat. Big Pun & Fat Joe
14. “All I Have” feat. LL Cool J (Deluxe Edition only)
15. “Que Hiciste” (Deluxe Edition only)
16. “Let’s Get Loud” (Deluxe Edition only)

1. “Dance Again” feat. Pitbull
2. “On the Floor” feat. Pitbull
3. “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”
4. “If You Had My Love”
5. “Waiting for Tonight”
6. “Get Right”
7. “Jenny from the Block”
8. “I’m Real (Remix)” feat. Ja Rule
9. “Do It Well”
10. “Ain’t It Funny (Remix)” feat. Ja Rule & Caddillac Tah
11. “Feelin’ So Good (Remix)” feat. Big Pun & Fat Joe

  • Lowdowndirty

    Ashanti getting a check

    • rafaiah

      @Lowdowndirty, hahahahahahahahahaha; dat wa funny!

      • ayo

        @rafaiah, LOL YEAH VERY FUNNY

  • Dave

    I definitely wanna get this. Not a fan of her that much as a live performer, but these are my SONGS!

  • Kyter’ank


    • SMH at your life

      @Kyter’ank, You mad?

  • Kevin

    fairly good tracklist but it is missing:Play,Ain’t It Funny(Original Version),I’m Real(Original Version),Papi,I’m Gonna Be Alright(Trackmaster’s Remix with Nas),Get Right(original mix),Hold It Don’t Drop it,I’m Glad,Baby I love you,Hold you down,Control.

    • Curt

      @Kevin, how are you fitting another eleven songs on a CD with 16 songs already?

    • Gary

      @Kevin, mate it’s a GREATEST HITS album.

  • Rap*LovesJesus

    Yall should have posted the cover I wanted to buy htis but where is im glad, gonna be alright and play?

    Get right remix???? Huh???

    Feelin son good was a flop compared to Play and Alright but its on here?

    Wack title

    Rework this shit.

  • Thomas

    Where are “Play”, “Gonna Be Alright ” and “I’m Glad” ? I was considering buying it, but I won’t. Plus her latest singles are so bad (except maybe I’m Into You), yet she still put them (and that awful new song with Flo Rida) on it. It’s not worth it.



  • NOChildNotToday

    This falls under the who gives a fucking shit category!

    • SMH at your life

      @NOChildNotToday, You do clearly.

  • Lisa Reynolds-Brown

    She is TOO DAMN OLD and out of shape to still be trying to make party and dance records like she’s 20. J.Lo, we loved you back in the day, but hang it up girl and make some more movies. and why the hell do we even need a greatest hits? Everybody could just buy or listen the old albums. Her last good album was “Rebirth” in 2005 anyway. Chile, please!

    • Kevin

      @Lisa Reynolds-Brown, Out of shape?! Really?! What music would you prefer her to do?! Stop hating!

      • Lisa Reynolds-Brown

        @Kevin, First of all, no one’s hating. She is not as small and toned as she used to be before she had her babies which is understandable. Making party club music for a bunch of teenagers is not what she got famous for in the music biz. J Lo used to make some of the best r&b/hip-hop collabos, so all of her recent stuff is disappointing especially for a woman of her age. As far as the kind of music I could see her making now would be something like the songs inher “This Is Me Then” album, which was more mature and melodic. But she’s good in movies and should stick to them now – so please don’t go there with that “hating” crap.

        • SMH at your life

          @Lisa Reynolds-Brown, You’re hating to be calling JENNIFER LOPEZ out of shape. Get off the internet and purchase yourself a life.

          • Lisa Reynolds-Brown

            @SMH at your life,

            Umm… what are you and from which hole did you crawl out of with that tired ass reply? Chile, climb your self back in that hole and don’t come out til J.Lo turns 20 again. I’m done.

        • Nina

          @Lisa Reynolds-Brown, I agree- her old stuff’s wayyy better than the dance/electro songs she’s making now.

    • Girl bye

      @Lisa Reynolds-Brown, Out of shape? Have you seen the “Dance Again” video? you sound stupid

      • Lisa Reynolds-Brown

        @Girl bye, Why are yall acting so simple ??? J.Lo is not as small as she used to be – even in the “Dance Again” video. I never said she didnt look good. She is thicker now and with her doing fast paced dance moves to hard electro beats at 40 doesnt look as smooth as it used to back in the 00’s.

  • Ayo

    do i hear a bunch of fucin’ haters. ITS A GREATEST HITS ALBUM GET THE FUCK OVER UR SELFS

  • StrangerInMyHouse

    This is nonetheless a rather loveless listing and strange sequence. also All I Have is a #1 and is only featured on the deluxe edition? Who is responsible for this mess?

    Of course it’s about the hits, but not all songs on this were hits (i.e. I’m Into You, Do It Well). To me a good greatest hits should be compiled of the best songs of the artist. Yeah they are all there, BUT seriously going without the original versions of I’m Real and Ain’t It Funny is poor too. those are great and better songs than the ‘murder remixes’ (despite them being the #1’s).

    also a few more new songs would have been nice especially since both Dance Again & Goin’ In are more than awful to me. Compared to the earlier work those are way beyond the past hits. glad I can skip this and make my own greatest hits since I got all the albums from back in the days when people actually still bought CDs.

  • bffishe

    Jennifer Lopez is a mediocre artist/singer at best, but I can’t lie that she had some hot tracks handed to her in the late 90s and early 2000s. And the comment about Ashanti getting a check is spot on! If “Play” were on here, then Christina Milian would also be getting a check.

  • Curt

    Regardless of what any (Haters) think, these are her biggest hits, according to charts and sales. Anyway, love it, or leave it alone… wish she had a better cover photo, though.

  • DJInVincible74

    Nice track listing but I’m a little surprised that “Do It Well” made the final list instead of “Play”.

  • Lowdowndirty

    Ashanti really don’t need the money Guy’s she is a paid Bitch, She writes all her songs $$$$

  • amojloverforever!

    One word awesome!! Gonna be a great hit!! Gotta say haters will hate,but Your Love!rs will always love you!!! 1Oooo% jlo fan!

  • Jessica

    Wow!! ALL I HEAR IS A BUNCH OF HATERS!!! Just came from her amazing concert!! It was the BEST I have ever been to and her body is AMAZING! Some people need to get a life! Just mad because you are not and never will be HER!!!