Melody Thornton Rocks Russia at ‘Scarlet Sails’ Celebration

Melody Thornton

Not even a rainstorm could stop Melody Thornton from delivering a scorching set at Scarlet Sails, the annual celebration in St. Petersburg, Russia, commemorating the end of the school year. Dressed in a sparkly leotard and knee-high boots, the R&B songbird performed her original song “U and I” as well as hits from her Pussycat Dolls days. When her hair started to get wet, she improvised, grabbing one of the red hats that was thrown on stage. She later donned a feathery headpiece as she closed with “Hush Hush.”

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  1. My name is oo

    Wow .


  2. J. Peezy

    That was some serious rain, and she still gave 100%. That’s how a pro does it.


  3. MusiqLover

    some of the crowd is sort of dead. but good performance. i enjoyed it! glad she kept her breasts covered.


  4. Dmitriy



  5. Dave

    YES, I’m so proud of Mel!


  6. Alicia Thornton

    Hay u rock melody,hay and we have the same title also,are thinking what i’m thinking,i think maybe we’re related or something


  7. team melody

    It’s sooo cool that her career evolving! She deserve it!


  8. Fa

    You can say whatever u wanna say about her voice,
    and tits
    but u can’t say she isn’t trying hard enough.
    She fights like a lioness for a career.
    She deserves to have her chance.

    That stage is too big for her but that reminds me of Madonnas Who’s That Girl Tour from 87 when she was all alone on that huge stage performing infront of 75 000 people every night!

    Go Melodie, you have an oldschool spirit!


  9. sepsy

    She is so AMAZING!!


  10. Yan

    So proud of her
    Even under rain she was there, making a SHOW.
    That’s what a true artist do.


  11. Jordan Gabriel

    She was good :) But damn the russian public SUCKS!!


    diana Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel, the concert was rain + cold 15°C.WE ALL have frozen


  12. MinajRules2012

    get it gurlllll


  13. MusicJunkie

    I love Mel She’s Soo Talented ‘ But That Crowd Was Dead . she Should’ve performed more cuts off the mixtape also .


  14. rowdyricky

    that chick bad!


  15. J-esper

    I wish she would have performed more of her mixtape. I get she did PCD stuff to please the crowd but she has to shop HER music :)


  16. MelodyDaily

    She rocks it !!
    but i’m agree with you all the crowd was so dead ! :(

    She’s the best !


  17. Raf

    WOW AMAZING Melody


  18. Priscila

    I’m so proud of Melody Thornton


  19. Bianca Brookes

    Go Melody Her Solo Career is going Really Well.


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