New Music: LaTocha f/ Wale – ‘Complicated’


Relationship drama gets the best of former Xscape member LaTocha on “Complicated,” a collaboration with Wale off her Truth ‘N the Booth mixtape, due later this summer. Written by Chef Tone and Lundon and produced by DJ Toomp, the mid-tempo R&B cut tells the story of what happens when a woman’s emotions get in the way of making a decision. Despite wanting to leave, she’s unable to walk out the door.

“Wale has a signature sound and his flow is crazy,” said LaTocha. “Because of the way he delivers, I had to have him on the record. After I heard the song ‘Lotus Flower Bomb,’ which also happens to be one of my favorite fragrances, I was hooked.”

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  1. Theirthedevilschildren

    This woman was the best singer in Xscape! Her voice is gorgeous and I will enjoy her transition in becoming a soul artist. I Love it!


  2. Dante

    didn’t listen yet but what took her so long?


  3. shion

    I like it. Love her. You right Dante, what took her so long? Lol will cop her mixtape


  4. love live life

    This song is so dope reminds me of 90′s R&B but with more updated sound. Wales verse was dope too.


  5. Hello

    Funny enough Escape reminds me of Destiny’s Child. Latocha being the ‘Kelly Rowland’ of the group with the rich and beautiful vocal tone while Kandi was the ‘Michelle Williams’ of the group with the distinctive and unlistenable voice.

    Song is a grower.


    vershun Reply:

    @Hello, first of all it’s Xscape and kandi was the original lead vocalist of the group and she is dope singer


    CASSIDY Reply:

    @vershun, GURL BYE!!!! Kandi and the word vocalist should NEVA be used in the same sentence! Yes Kandi carried some leads on Xscape records however Tiny, Tameka & LaToch had far more vocal ability then Miss ‘I Fly Above all my haters” Do ya research boo boo… Kandi sung lead because of her hustle mentality not because of her vocal ability.


    Frankie Reply:

    @vershun, Escape..XScape…tomato, tomatoe, damn!


    RealHipHop Reply:

    @Hello, and who was beyonce i hope not Tiny lol


  6. Lisa

    Yas, LaTocha!


  7. tell'em

    This is nice. Definitely has potential.


  8. Lauren

    Very nice song.


  9. @tjmfer



  10. freshed

    she sound like keyshia cole or i should say keyshia cole sound like her cause her voice was known 1st


  11. Fa

    some small town ghetto queen always brings up Beyonce and DC in every damn thread on this blog
    Now they say Excape remembers them of DC
    WTF is this comparison about?
    Can’t you just wait until Kelly and Michelle beg the Knowles for money and a new DC reunion???


  12. thaTROOF

    sounds like a Keyshia Cole track…….


  13. credits

    It’s pretty good. She was the best in Xscape and i loved her on that trick daddy song years ago.

    The best part is when she sings, “whoa-oh, whoa-oooohhhhh”


  14. TheDreamer

    Love the song. Her voice is so strong and beautiful.


  15. Jaye

    yes ‘tocha, come on girl!


  16. Songstress

    Yessss I’ve been wondering about her, so happy to see she’s back in the spotlight a lil bit! Can’t wait for the mixtape !


  17. Agree

    I definitely get where Hello is coming from.. I think Kelly has the most pretty voice in the group while Michelle has the most terrible one. Sooo Latocha has the prettiest one and Michelle the unpretty voice..


  18. DeBerry

    @iammbass also co wrote this record


  19. Chillboyx

    YES!!!!! That girl can SANG! She was the perfect contrast to Kandi’s Harsh hard voice. Love them together, but apparently that won’t be happening.


  20. qwace

    yes if one didn’t know it was latocha’s song we’ll assume a Keyshia Cole track, big up DJ Toomp!!


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