Alicia Keys Is Feeling ‘New’ on Fifth Album

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys has been M.I.A. from music, but she’s ready to make her return. The Grammy-winning songstress posted a video on YouTube talking about her long-awaited fifth album.

Seated at the piano, she spoke for nearly six minutes about her journey and musical evolution. While she didn’t officially announce the album’s title, she did tweet “#AKNewDay,” leading some to believe that New Day is the title.

She has been in the studio for the past eight months recording the follow-up to her 2009 album The Element of Freedom. “I’ve come to this place that the album is about to be ready and I feel just so crazy excited,” said Alicia. “It’s like I’m a different person. I’m a new person. Everything is new, from being married and having a baby… I’ve become so much more intelligent and I survey the landscape more and try to come up with what’s the best thing for me, what’s the best thing for Egypt, what’s the best thing for our family.”

She continued, “I’ve gone through so much growth and so much realization and realizing that in life different things come and different things change. I’ve learned that I have to trust myself and trust my instincts. I had to and I have to be braver than I’ve ever had to be before.”

While the album doesn’t have a release date, she can’t wait to share it with her fans. “I am hungry, I am an animal right now. I am just ready to be set free in a whole other way,” she said. “When it comes to sharing this music with you, I am like a caged animal that’s dying to escape.”

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  1. Sarah

    LMAO I love her deep ass. Can’t wait for new music. Sincerely, a music fan fed up with radio.


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Sarah, How can she feel “New” when she’s a homewrecker? You will always have OLD karma for sleeping with a married man. Did you guys know she wrote “Unthinkable” for Swizz Beats? She is a tramp.


    Sarah Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Just like Nicki Minaj can feel real when everything on her is faker than an earring from Dollar General. And Drake wrote Unthinkable, hun.


    JussSaying Reply:

    @Rapup really needs to block you from this site.
    You are BEYOND annoying.. posting something hateful in EVERY post.
    I think we all need to tell @RapUp that this person needs to be banned!


    cheeser Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, haha 1st off she didnt write unthinkable…. Drake did for his album but he gave it to alicia… so get ur facts straight….. ok she was a homewrecker….. but the negro wasnt happy and in a happy relationship… thus he moved on… and so has everyone else… haha u wack….


    Linda Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Well it’s my understanding the song was cowritten with Drake. Regardless, it is a beautiful song. As far as karma, I think a lot of people better beware, especially people who judge others and call them trashy names as you have.


  2. Bree

    I just can’t wait! Love this amazing woman, such an inspiration. Totally admire & respect what she said here, what she always has to say. We’re ready to fly AK! ;-)


  3. Stephanie

    Bring it on Alicia!!! #can’twait :-)



    Can’t wait to hear this! Alicia’s gonna slaaaayyy!


  5. MinajRules2012

    Homewrecking TRAMP!!! Stole someone’s husband and Karma will get you. Btw you’re not as talented as you used to be, so Karma has got you.


    Bree Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, Lol please. Is that all you do is repeat the same old hate on an Alicia post? Give it rest. She’s still respected and achieving great things. She hasn’t lost and never will lose her talent. Period.


    JustThinkin Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, STFU really she’s an amazing artist and has a Grammy award something your dumb ass bitch will never have. Not that you even like nicki just trying to piss people off.


  6. ad

    i just looooooove her…. she makes me so happy. i just can’t wait!!!


  7. paul

    I really hope she delivers!!


  8. Rap*LovesJesus

    Although, i still havent forgiven her for being on jayz track talking about jesus cant save you life starts when the church ends

    I love her passion which most artists nowadays dont have anymore.


  9. Deya

    can’t wait


  10. 1-800-SlapThatDELUSION

    See my only issue here is that Alicia has yet to OWN UP to her DIRTY behavior. You can’t have a “new day” unless you clean up in preparation. If you don’t, all the OLD DIRT will make it hard to move on. Breaking up happy homes is not a good look by any means. Swizz is so COCKY and hasn’t shown any consideration for his SON and EX-wife. He has carried on with AK like they are just some PERFECT couple in LOVE. Any man that will do it to one woman will DEF DO IT TO THE NEXT. I was once an AK fan but I will no longer support someone who tears down all the walls of MORALITY that I live in. AK needs to ADDRESS her decision to start a relationship with a MARRIED man. Her music has FELL OFF anyway. Shame.


    Karen Reply:

    @1-800-SlapThatDELUSION, Her music has not fell off and I can’t wait for that new album. As far as her addressing anything personal, that is not necessary. She said she wasn’t a homewrecker and that’s all she needs to say. The ex has ran the rest into the ground, kind of like some negative commenters on this site. ENOUGH. I love this video and how she connects with her fans. She is a very beautiful lady in every way.


    Cadny Reply:

    @1-800-SlapThatDELUSION, Own up to her “dirty laundry? ummm, who are you that she needs to own something up to? You kids are hilarious.


  11. WonderLand19

    I’m ready. Her last album was flawless and utterly stunning.Bring it on Alicia!




    Why you haters on here like she did anything wrong? Last I checked… It takes two to tango…

    Reason why I never date my own kind, cuz them hood guys like to sleep around. Usher, Swizz, Chris Brown, Ne-yo, Wayne, Drake… you see the pattern yet?

    Girls, you need to stop with them chocolate boys, and just go for vanilla flavoured if you want to be treated with respect and NOT get cheated on… !!!!


    Ant21 Reply:

    @YMCMINAJ, you sir are a racist


  13. frills

    i smell some fradulence. fakeness. bullshite. adultery.


  14. DeeJay

    She grown up, as we all have.

    PS. Well the haters on the site need t grow up.


  15. Kyle

    I can’t wait for some new music from the one and only, Alicia Keys! She always brings something fresh with her music. I bet she’ll release during the 4th quarter right in time for the holiday season.


  16. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

    I absolutely love Alicia Keys. I love that she put together this video to share her feelings on her growth and her album. She is my hero and so so so extremely talented, smart musician.

    Yeah!!!!!!! Everyone is getting an album from me for birthday, Christmas and just because.


  17. Ella

    Alicia Keys is a true to her craft. She is always learning and growing as a person and in her art.

    I look forward to the new chapter in her musicial career. I love her to pieces.


  18. t

    the real music is come back


  19. TheDreamer

    I can’t wait. I think this will be her best album yet, since she’s had so much happen in her life and so much time to reflect.


  20. Sonya

    I hope Alicia continues to be blessed and motivated. Like Ellen says, haters are her motivaters. Stay strong AK. :-)


  21. Dubois_

    I can’t hear ! Is anyone else having volume issues?


  22. Jay

    I love Alicia for sharing! I really needed to hear that. And I’m excited about the new music! :)


  23. Tracy

    You reap what you sow and sleeping and dating a married man is very low, this slut home wrecker will get hers and she will feel the pain and embarssement she deserve.

    She will lose the lying, cheating bum just like she got him!!!


  24. duchess

    You go girl…..dont hate the player ….hate the game.


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