New Music: Game – ‘Burn (Remix)’


Game swerves out of control on his remix to Meek Mill and Big Sean’s “Burn.” Compton’s outspoken MC calls out Nelly (“Where the f**k is Nelly?”) and addresses the Chris Brown and Drake brawl.

“We ain’t throwin’ bottles, ni**a, we gon’ get them hammers in/ Tony Parker’s suing, real ni**as know that’s that ho shit,” he raps in reference to the NBA star’s $20 million lawsuit against the nightclub.

Vroom vroom, start it up.

[DJ Orator]

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  1. LOL

    Tony Parker is really a bitch. Niggas and bitches had their heads split open and he cryin because he hurt his eye. Man up, hoe.


    paul Reply:

    @LOL, because of that he may not participate to the olympic games so you can understand that he is angry


    Nina Reply:

    @paul, I know, but shouldn’t he sue Chris & Drake because it wasn’t really the club’s fault. And $20 million is wayyy too much- I understand if he was never able to work again, but for a minor eye injury?! He’s just plain greedy in my opinion.


  2. JSTAR

    HOTTTTTTT SHITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. MAX

    did he call t.i. a bitch or he said he gots a botch for t.i.


  4. Ramon

    This fool is ignant as fuck. That’s right, I said IGNANT. Act like a damn fool in a club around ME…I’ll sue you AFTER everything else is said and done.


  5. TRA

    The Game is one of the greatest, most underrated rappers in hip hop right now. I feel like The Game has always been underrated throughout his whole career. As much as I respect The Game’s lyrical talents, I think he should leave that Chris Brown/Drake beef alone. I can’t blame Tony Parker for suing the nightclub. If someone threw bottles at you for no legit reason and you feel like your safety was in trouble, you would sue too. If Tony Parker win the lawsuit, that is more money in the bank for him. The Game need to hurry up and come out with a new album, because no one in the biased mainstream media is thinking about him right now. The Game is too talented of a rapper to not come out with another album.


  6. Robert

    Hopefully games next cd has no features like he said. Dope Rapper


  7. P

    Game went hard.


  8. Hugh



  9. RomanReloaded

    Game Needs To Sit Down. He’s Washed Up, A HAS-BEEN. His Time Is Up. Give It Up.


  10. shane

    ur be bk on top stay this flow killla game fukin sick


  11. kravis

    Listen to LAX and u’ll see why he’s not underrated. He’s totally overrated !


  12. chuckyporcino

    as Game’s fan, i must say it, ” this song is a big shit!!!!!!”, nomatter if he worked on flow. is that all FIVE will sound this way ? shit !


  13. Trey



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