Trey Songz Turns Up the Heat in ‘Chapter V’ Photo Shoot

Trey Songz

Trey Songz charmed the cameras while shooting the grown and sexy packaging for his fifth album Chapter V, due August 21. The R&B heartthrob rocked designer duds as he posed at a luxurious mansion on the water in Miami. A shirtless and wet Trey cozied up to a bikini-clad model, soaked in a swimming pool, and smoked a cigar in the photos shot by Jimmy Fontaine.

“It’s going to be really high fashion,” said Trey’s art director Nick Bilardello. “It’s really about Trey coming into his own, growing into a man, and his music maturing at the same time.”

Go behind the scenes of Trey’s sexy shoot below.

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  1. sj7

    Turns up the heat? Was he cold then?


  2. sj7

    Turns the heat up? Was he cold then?


  3. Rex

    His music is maturing? Ok. It’s mature to degrade women by calling them ‘bitches’?


  4. TheDreamer

    Sexy, but his music is not maturing.


  5. Ashlee

    I like Trey Songz and all but I don’t think he’s maturing… Just sayin


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