Video: Lana Del Rey – ‘National Anthem’ (Co-Starring A$AP Rocky)

Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky assumes the presidency in the patriotic video for Lana Del Rey’s “National Anthem.” The Harlem rapper plays John F. Kennedy alongside Lana’s Jackie O in the cinematic clip, which reenacts the First Couple’s love story and the days leading up to JFK’s assassination.

“It’s some swag shit,” A$AP told “I play JFK, she plays Jackie O. It’s some cool trippy shit, some real 2015 shit. People are gonna get it in like three years, and that’s the whole purpose of it.”

Watch them rewrite history below.

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  1. vitty

    interesting lol..oh i love lana creepy ass


    Say word Reply:

    @vitty, Best video I’ve seen all years. It was like a minimovie


  2. vitty

    the ending makes me sad tho..


  3. Sharp Tongue

    This was very out there I loved it.


  4. jay$$

    I loved it.


  5. Felipe

    It’s very interesting and touching, with a verse from A$AP the song would be perfect


  6. Rap*LovesJesus

    Asap playing JFK……disgusting.

    Good video


  7. poe

    I love it! so beautiful!!!



    AMAZING…Lana’s videos are always visual crack. BEST video of 2012 hands down.


    Pure Reply:



  9. J. Peezy

    That was surprisingly dope. And the kids were cute.


  10. MusicJunkie

    Im in love with Lana ;-)) I Still Listen To Born To Die .


    Oh Please Reply:



  11. Zane

    This is ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGG. I literally got involved with the song the lyrics AMAZING!


  12. Kayla

    I loved it!!! It was so cool and A$AP did his thing. I like the song. Lana’s different but she’s cool.


  13. KayeV

    this is what i call a perfect video !! damn Lana and A$Ap Rocky looking cute as well ..


  14. Jordan Gabriel

    wow… A$AP & Lana look hot together… dope dope dope


  15. B

    Dude. This is great



  16. MinajRules2012

    ooooo iggy come get your man


  17. RP

    Absolute perfection. Thank you Lizzy Grant for being wise and releasing this song, it’s the best one from the album. It would be very cool to hear this blasting on pop radio – I think it could happen with the right promotion. Get on any and every daytime/primetime/late night talk show! But amazing video? Check.


  18. Realmusic

    I really like the video


  19. Lana luv

    Lana I’m so happy for u I’ve been playing and listing to ur album sents sept glad ur getting notice keep working


  20. SoOdd

    I loved that $hit, but it’s a sad ending. Why A$AP didn’t spit on this? They gotta do a remix. Man I have to watch it a couple times to get the full meaning.


  21. Songstress

    This video was amazing ! I love Lana Del Rey & in a weird kind of way her & A$AP looks good together lol


  22. Bobby

    OMG EPIC. Why isn’t this a top read story? This is soo amazing. LANA DEL SLAY


  23. -_-



  24. Jay

    Wow. That was amazing! Haven’t really listened to Lana before…I’m intregued. Her style is very uinique. Amazing video and great song! :)


  25. ALicia

    Love This Video Alot!!!!


  26. whitechocolate

    People luv the visuals and so do I, but the fact that she is borderline mocking such a tragedy and seeing it as beneficial bothers my ass. Her playing Marilyn and Jackie O is rude to the entire offspring of the Kennedy family. This is reductive. I don’t care if you dislike that family or not, they are humans. Art is one thing but disrespect towards a family should be somewhere in this girl’s luxury ass brain.

    If people listen to her to feel special or wealthy or elegant, that says where we are as a whole. Great job country. Not her fault but the powers that be need to evaluate they asses on greenlighting such an evil ass video. Andy Warhol probably would have been offended. Andy Kaufman too.


  27. Lauren

    How many white folks are on suicide watch thanks to this video? LOL


  28. @tjmfer



  29. mRrAgEr

    Black guy always gotta get shot. Lolll but seriously this is a great video on the real. I love ASAP Rocky sooooomuch. He cute. Lana del Rey is beautiful. So is this video.


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