New Music: Miguel – ‘Adorn’ [Full]


Miguel makes it last a little longer with “Adorn.” When the seductive song off his micro EP Art Dealer Chic, Vol. 1 debuted in February, it instantly became a favorite, but it only clocked in at 2:19. Now the smooth operator has added another minute of his fluttering falsetto and released the song as the lead single from his sophomore album.

“It’s definitely a progressive album,” the 25-year-old told Mina SayWhat of the follow-up to his 2010 debut All I Want Is You. “I would describe it as being progressive in the sense that I’m taking a lot of my more alternative influences and incorporating them.”

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  1. Neickha

    Yes!! :)


    white hos love BBC Reply:

    @Neickha, i been fukkin with this for like 2 months now. this my shit


  2. RomanReloaded

    Finally !!


  3. letmeloveu

    my dream ha come true :)


  4. plastic

    This been my jam for months now full nothin changed love it still but old ass shit


  5. plastic

    This been out so long the ending is pointless unfinished 10x better


  6. WonderLand19

    WOOOHOOOOOOO! So good !


  7. paul

    I was just listening to this yesterday lol yes!!


  8. Ice

    Love it, the extra minute made a world of difference.


  9. Pure



  10. Chet

    Man! That boy can sang his ass off! Mad respect to him, such a dope artist.


  11. EL

    He was singing his face off at the end. Nice!


  12. Kalin

    This song is fire!! He has so much potential…he could be the next Maxwell!


  13. me


    while this guy pissed me off by claiming he had a lane, i have to put my hate aside and admit this is GREAT!!!!!!!!


  14. eri

    my dream too lol ugh i just love this song!!!!


  15. MaHJ

    Oh wow! Is all I can really say. That extra min really made the song so much better! And his Vocals are just insane! TALENT’ I live


  16. Bre

    FINALLLLLY! i love this so!


  17. Sharp Tongue

    Yesss I love this just got it as my text ringtone.


  18. @iJustoriginate

    I need this ALBUM! Cant wait


  19. thaTROOF

    album aint comin soon enuff


  20. Ira is NEED of REAL Music!

    Love it! It sounds like real music, which need in music now. Music is failing these days, with the exception of Most of Justin Bieber’s New Album, Miguel, and Keke Palmer, I mean so far.

    And Before i get it any haters, telling me i’m wrong. I don’t care you have your opinion and i have mine. But real music needs to and will come back strong. Topics like Emotions, Sex, Drugs, and Real Life Situation are what I want to hear without a Dance Club- Techno Beat.


  21. Dwaynefighter

    This song is fucking amazing! I’m really interested to hear what his album will sound like, and i’m not even a fan. I wish more modern R&B acts would take chances like this, the genre is so boring these days!


  22. Chocolatina

    In love from the first moment I heard it. I had it on automatic back-to-back replay because I was always so sad to hear this beautiful song end so quickly. Now its even better! Miguel is the best thing to happen to R&B Soul since Maxwell.


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