Single Cover: Azealia Banks f/ Styles P – ‘Nathan’


Azealia Banks sinks her claws into the cover of “Nathan,” her collaboration with Styles P. The illustrated artwork features a black cat licking his paw with red stars over his head. The song will premiere tomorrow and can be found on the “212” rapper’s mixtape Fantasea, due July 11.

“It’s so New York and it’s so raw and it’s so just…everything that needs to be said,” Azealia told MTV News of the record.

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  1. Dubois_



    Laughing Hard Reply:

    @Dubois_, wtf? thats what happen when you don’t read..I can’t get mad I clicked the link..smh


  2. rob

    i could have waited till tomorrow to see this


  3. Anonymous

    Azealia Banks is dope. I cant wait to hear it. Keep doing your thing girl.


  4. Toh

    its about time people is paying mad attention style p yo, son mad cant wait to hear this joint.
    “check out this kid The Mixtape itunes me mad dope.


  5. Hilary Banks

    this is gonna be dope. can’t wait.

    *waits for that crazy nicky minaj fan to hate*


    Hilary Banks Reply:

    @Hilary Banks, shows how relevant she is, i can’t even spell her name correctly!! my bad


    OpD2 Reply:

    @Hilary Banks, you know who is hating on her, don’t put that on us you lying b-tch.


  6. Roman

    Another song people won’t understand.
    At least when Nicki experiments she does it naturally. Azealia can’t find a sound, look, or delivery that works for her.

    No hate intended, but if she sticks to songs on her EP, she’ll be fine. However, she needs more notoriety in the states.



    @Roman Funny since no one understood one word of Roman In Moscow and half the other shit Nicki says


  8. TOH

    Y is your all ways comparing every female rapper to each other smh.
    “check out this kid


  9. LOL

    I bet it will have nothing on Lil Kim ft Styles P “Get In Touch With Us”


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