Video: Jaden Smith – ‘Gonzoes’

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith steps in the booth and spits some venom on “Gonzoes.” The 13-year-old son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith takes aim at his haters and ex-girlfriend on the fiery record. Even his younger sister is not safe.

“Now Willow is the star, man, how weak is that? Pink hair, high socks, can’t compete with that,” raps the “Karate Kid” star.

Hear Jaden like you’ve never heard him before.

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  1. SIS!

    DEAD. how you gonna drag your own sister? what kinda rant…


    @Lewis_Bennett Reply:

    @SIS!, I’m not the type to hate and I don’t really hate them but I can’t help but think…just be a kid? Go play pokemon or something lol.


  2. Shaytan

    Have a kids choice seat. His ghost writer should be shot! This family needs help. But hey these kids are the product of 2 down low parents. I doubt will and jade even sleep in the same bed with each other


    StarsAreBlind Reply:

    @Shaytan, Her name is Jada. Having a gay parent would not make “need help”, and saying someone has a ghost writer is a backhanded compliment, to say someone sounds better than they should. I would tell you to have a kids choice seat, but you couldn’t get a ticket if you wanted to.


  3. :)

    He kinda sounds like Ernie from Sesame Street. (No Hate)


  4. StarsAreBlind

    This kid…that was dope. Whoever produces his video do a good job. The beat is sick, and he said some pretty nice stuff in there to.


  5. MusiqLover

    it’s ok.


  6. Weird

    These kids are weird


  7. Jeana H.

    I liked, only thing he should work on is his delivery.


  8. flysly

    STOP…NOW! more practice would be beneficial.


  9. Toh

    ” The 13-year-old son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, smh these kid only famous because of the parent yo no hard feeling.
    “check out this kid he mad dope give it a listen.


  10. coolio

    It’s hard to believe this was that little kid from the movie the ‘pursuit of happyness’


  11. SMH

    Loving it but how you gon diss yo own sister? SMH


  12. ebo

    it okay


  13. Ira

    I think he has potential, and he is trying to push the envelope which I respect. He also has a style like no other but there are certain things that a 13-year-old in the music industry. For one talking about a sister, who has never dissed him on a track, or sex. Too Soon Buddy. But great effort.


  14. StaNn

    wait… wait someone remind me how old this kid is… 13 THIRTEEN 1….3, not 15, 16….. 13, does he even have pubic hairs?? i’m so disappointed in will n jada let these kids be kids.. he should be out playing bball or something. talking about ex girlfriend how old was ne when they met 5??


  15. Keith

    His being a kid how many 13 year old kids do u know wanna be rappers? All of them!! Jus coz he has the money to live his dreams don’t hate. This kid has talent all the stuff his done before his 18th birthday mad props. I love the Smiths! Ain’t a afraid to express them selves they ain’t hurting nobody. Some 13 year old kids are gang banging and doing messed up things. all he wants to do is rap and act. fall back haters!! Why can’t you see someone doing good.


    J Lacroix Reply:

    @Keith, exactly! You can tell a lot of people commenting and hating don’t know what it’s like to have successful parents and know that you have to be more than just “normal” when you’ve got massive shoes to fill. So I guess I don’t blame them. *shrug* its their backgrounds.


  16. jadenator

    in what verse is jade talking about his ex- grilfriend?????


  17. Trinity

    Now his flow and sound is dope! Loving it!


  18. MinajRules2012

    WHY IS that boy from hannah montana on here


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