D’Angelo Returns to the Stage at BET Awards


D’Angelo was back on stage for his first televised performance in over a decade at Sunday’s BET Awards. The ’90s singer reprised his classic “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” and debuted a new song, as celebrities including Beyoncé grooved along. Watch his long-awaited comeback below.


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  1. kia

    I’ve been waiting for this for FOREVER .


  2. listen

    i love D. incredible aritst. i just think he performed the second song too long.


  3. Boi-1da

    god is back


  4. LOL

    I like him but his performance was underwhelming. Why’d they amp it up so much?


  5. Kalin

    IDK about y’all, but my Newsfeed/TL was full of jokes.


  6. iamasaph

    In all fairness to the people who comment on here… If you think this performance wasn’t good, its gotta be a taste thing. Band is kill’n vocals were kill’n… maybe my generation has gotten too used to seeing guys dance and not actually play instruments…


    D.A. Reply:

    @iamasaph, I thought he did a great job. It might just be a taste thing because he did it like the legends would have done it, and with no apologies, everybody was more hyped about CB more than anything. I’m ready for the new album though.


    SMH at your life Reply:

    @iamasaph, you’re absolutely right


  7. When I'm out the country people call me kemi

    D Angelo is a classic in himself …….. His music is wonderful and his voice sounds the same!!!!!!!! Go head dangelo


  8. virusa Kirokzx

    Good Job


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