Kanye West Keeps Up with the Kardashians in Calabasas

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Kanye West kicked it with the Kardashians in their hometown of Calabasas over the weekend. The “Mercy” rapper and his girlfriend Kim caught a movie at The Commons with Kim’s sister Kourtney, her boyfriend Scott Disick, and their son Mason. They strolled through the outdoor shopping center as passersby whipped out their camera photos. Yeezy was in good spirits, laughing with Kim and her family during their leisurely day out.

Later in the day, he was spotted shopping in West Hollywood while driving the black Lamborghini that Kim gave him for his 35th birthday.

He is expected to hit the stage with his G.O.O.D. Music family during their performance tonight at the BET Awards.

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  1. W

    He is always smiling around her which is so sweet!
    I havent seen him this happy since Alexis. I kind of how they work out :)


  2. kelly

    Aww Yeezy looks happy, they compliment each other.





  4. kelly macintosh

    their relationship doesn’t seem genuine to me, they’re in the media every other day doing the absolute most. i used to be in love with kim k now shes just w/e to me, i respect kanye for his music not his persona as a person. but who am i to judge?


    4ummer Reply:

    @kelly macintosh,

    They’re in the media almost everyday cuz

    1. The press are obsessed with them. Even if they not spotted together it’s because tabloids/blogs are recycling/making up stories about them

    2. Kanye is currently with Kim in L.A. The L.A. paps follows Kim’s every move.


  5. xedos

    Kanye always wanted to be part of a family it was just him and his mother. say what you want about the kardashians but they’re a tight family and kanye is attracted to that.


    hardly hoe Reply:

    @xedos, Yeah yeah yeah… thats the same thing Lamar Odom said and look how that family RUINED his basketball career. He just wanted to be apart of a family too and look where it got him. Kanye has had to work blood, sweat and tears at his craft of producing and rapping in order to be successful. What hard work did the Kardashians do? Right. Meanwhile that trailer trash “baby daddy” Scott Disick is in the same company as a many who has a Grammy for ever room in his house? GTHFOH. WAKE UP KANYE. BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.


  6. xedos

    niggas don’t like to see others happy why i don’t know


  7. cape-dutch

    kanye and his jezebel.is not going to last.they always seem to be going a lil extra for the cameras.il believe it when i see him with a potbelly and her with curls.you mus never..!ey baba never…


  8. Muah

    Since when was this a gossip site!!! We really don’t care.


  9. BreezyLover

    he always was attracted to Kim and now theyre together and look happy.

    its ok, but i dont care.


  10. philly11

    When Yeezy is happy…that’s all that matters. I have “never” seen him smile this much


  11. Le Duc de Torcy

    Does she ever keep her head up ?


  12. WOWzer

    they look happy together, i hope they last, regardless of what you haters say. Yeezy my ni$$a


  13. TeamLilKimforever

    love it i dont know why so many people is hating


  14. NNJW

    You muthafu-ckaz are dumb as fu-ck, how can you look up to this arrogant, stupid, skinny jeans Pop fa-ggot kanye and/or that talentless industry ho-e who is basically a rich men’s prostitute…kinda sad…lmao


  15. asapnigga

    What happend to all black every thing now she got u werein all white lol


  16. TheDreamer

    Kanye looks happy :)


  17. virusa Kirokzx

    Bet they gonna be talked in the Media everydays and They Looks Nice


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