Melanie Fiona Performs at BET Awards

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona shined with a brilliant performance at the BET Awards 2012. The Canadian songstress, who was nominated for Best Female R&B Artist, powered through her soulful tune “Wrong Side of a Love Song” at Sunday’s show.


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  1. Kareem

    She should have won that award hands down


  2. poe

    of course she should have won but it never happens that way!


  3. RealIssh

    Beautiful — Flawless .


  4. taj mahal

    Melanie God bless u for makin some of the world’s R&B music


  5. Nate

    She killed it. She is long overdue for widespread recognition.


  6. MH

    YES! I’m so glad she performed.


  7. Hugh

    Raw emotion

    Great job


  8. uh....hold up lil boo

    Where tha f**k was her standing ovation?!


    Hank Reply:

    @uh….hold up lil boo, If you don’t curse 50 times in 60 seconds and don’t sing dance/house/techno music (which I’m not dissing those genres, but it’s not for R&B/soul artists), you don’t get one! Sad.


  9. Jay

    Wow! That girl can sang!!! :)


  10. Chris

    She killed it 1 of the best performances of the night hands down…Im buying her cd this week!


  11. Morgan

    Melanie always slays!


  12. TRP



  13. Yeah Yeah

    She deserved a standing ovation. Other than the tribute, Melanie had the best performance of the night hands down!


  14. Songstress

    THE BEST performance through the entire show ! She really is an awesome performer and artists !


  15. Antonio DeJoyce

    Melanie killed that.. No female artist out right now can touch that… Job well done.. And no shade to Beyonce or her fans but Melanie deserved that award…


    REAL Reply:

    @Antonio DeJoyce, hey…all of them derserve but who was the most successful in RNB the last year and dats who should win…ALL of them derseve to win…and hands down beyonce was..rihanna was pop..mary did good too


  16. g_s17

    Melanie Fiona KILLED it!!!!


  17. dee

    Melanie should have won, not that selfish piggy virgo!


  18. bigboi

    This performance so dope…practically pitch perfect vocals


  19. flysly

    loved it!


  20. Jackie Rayne

    Melaine was beautiful last night! She sung from her soul & gave it her all! Her CD is bomb! If y’all haven’t gotten it yet please go pick it up her performance last night showed she has some major talent to reckoned with & her voice is meant to be heard! Good job Mel, keep up the great work!


  21. Warren

    Amazing song, amazing performance, and amazing artist.

    One of the best performances of the night, if not the best


  22. Kyle

    Melanie always delivers. She is definitely my favorite R&B artist out right now! I personally think she deserved the award too. LOVE HER!


  23. virusa Kirokzx

    Good Performance Melaine


  24. Rell



  25. Say word

    The world is starting to notice her. This was a real good look for melanie


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