BET Awards 2012: Backstage and Candids

Solange, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Kim Kardashian

The champagne was flowing and the star power was glowing at the BET Awards ’12 in Los Angeles on Sunday. Hip-hop’s royal couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z held court in the front row, toasting their accolades alongside Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Solange grabbed a seat alongside her sister and boyfriend/director Alan Ferguson, while Nicki Minaj held hands with Kim. Backstage, Kanye and Mariah Carey greeted Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy and Wale and Miguel celebrated their win for Best Collaboration.

In the press room, Best Female Hip-Hop Artist winner Nicki posed with her Young Money labelmate Tyga. An ecstatic Mindless Behavior was still reveling in their win for Viewers’ Choice Award and Brandy had “one of the best nights of [her] ENTIRE LIFE” after honoring her idol Whitney Houston.

Check out over 20 candid photos from the star-studded affair.

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  1. MinajRules2012

    Ohh god, I hope Beyonce washed her face after Kims lips have been around every black pipe in the industry..


    Natasha Reply:

    @MinajRules2012, And of course you would know, right?????????… takes one to know one!!!!! Beyonce is NOT GOD, shes a sinner just like Kim, and each and every last one of us on this earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    MinajRules2012 Reply:

    @Natasha, u right gurl….preach


    HelloKitty Reply:

    exactly what do you mean??


  2. AYE

    FINALLY. nicki toned her ass down. she looked beautiful!
    congrats too.


  3. maya

    Kim Kardashian looked so out of her element the entire show. Didn’t know not ONE word to “Before I Let Go” smh

    All the black men she had and she still can’t get down with the get down.


  4. Dro

    Everybody looked great but Kim K looked uncomfortable.

    If Kanye & Kim happy let em live. Kim’s an upgrade from Amber in my opinion. And she has her own paper.

    Nicki didn’t do bad last night.

    Beyonce looked great and seemed to have a good time. It was cool seeing her relaxed.

    Coast Houston tribute was the best then Monica.

    Brandy looked great but I wasn’t feeling the lip synching.

    Awards weren’t great but they weren’t the worst they’ve been.


    Rill Reply:

    @Dro, Lip syncing? yeah right lol


  5. LAX

    Even though the BET Show Was a Major FLOP!!!! and feel like the show was Drag and the was a last min thing…I enjoy Nicki Performance she did good


  6. Connie

    Kim K looks gorgeous and Mariah was glowing.


  7. E53

    Wow.. Beyonce, Kim K, Nicki Minaj… where’s Jlo???


  8. Lola

    Nicki always looks a mess. I wonder what her hairline is like after all these awful glued down wigs. Such a shame as she is so pretty.


  9. Mo

    Monica turned it out where she @


  10. Jayla

    Nicki & Kim was beautiful last night!


  11. TeamMinajJada

    damn why beyonce didnt take a pic with nicki


  12. Johnny

    kim is TRASH. she needs to not be at the awards. ESP next to Nicki n Kanye. that retched wannabe.


  13. TheDreamer

    Kim looked out of place at the awards last night. Bey looked beautiful and her and Jay were cute together. The Whitney tribute was the best of the night.


  14. Eri

    All jay z needed was a red bow tie and he woulda been pee wee Herman.. ha


  15. Stre3t Danc@



  16. moffdaddio

    i miss dame dash. after seeing jay there with all these show bizz people reminded me of when it all began. Dame Dash, Beans, Memphis,’BIGS’!!! Need i say more. A lot has changed but nothing compares to the good old days.


  17. virusa Kirokzx

    everybody Look Great


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