Video: Sean Paul – ‘Touch the Sky’

Sean Paul

Sean Paul reports to the dance floor with the video for his electro-meets-dancehall record “Touch the Sky,” produced by DJ Ammo. The reggae superstar and his dancers light up the screen with some electrifying moves in the energetic clip. Get down to the riddim.

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  1. hmm

    even tho the melody is basically from Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams Are Made of This – song is not bad tho..


    realist Reply:

    @hmm, ughh i wish i can dance like them..those caribbean peeps can dance their ass off!


    Say word Reply:

    @realist, Yes! I miss my Sean Paul dancehall videos


  2. AzBanks

    yeah i like it


  3. key

    what’s wrong with the artistes this day? its just about money now? what happened to basment? gime the light? it all about techno house now? i aint gonna buy this one,bye


  4. KayeV

    cool video but DAMN what the hell with errbody doing techno / pop / euro shit . from hits like Everblazin – Gimme the Light to this ; really ? #fail


    ! Reply:

    @KayeV, yes! I hate this.


  5. Ice

    I’m with the last 2 comments, Sean Paul has conformed to the dance craze that’s taken over radio and has lost his signature sound.

    I know some people will try to defend him by saying that we are “stuck in the past”, but there’s a difference between evolving upon your own style and converting to a completely different style.


  6. key

    im a fan,i always like his music and i hvgot his 1,2 and 3rd album,but this one i dont feel it, hope it just a mess around, there is a lots of artists that i dont buy music anymore, usher neyo…i understand they wanna make money but first we loved them for what they do not for the ibiza club music and top chart white clubs music…..anyway,good luck for them future without me of course


  7. China

    This is dreadful! This watered down music is becoming a joke now, the artist don’t even try any more because we keep buying into this junk. Demand more PEOPLE!!!


  8. Virusa Kirkozx

    those dancer are amazing. Good Music Video


  9. IRI

    whats the name of that dancing girls ?


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