Drake Works His Charm in ‘Ice Age 4’ [Sneak Peek]


Drake can make the ladies swoon even as an animated character. The Young Money rapper charms the ladies as a woolly mammoth named Ethan in Ice Age: Continental Drift. He asks Peaches, a “spunky mammoth” voiced by Keke Palmer, on a date in the clip.

“He’s a young, strapping, handsome jock,” said the Canadian superstar. “He’s really good at turtle football. He’s very popular. He catches the eye of Peaches.”

Drizzy previously played Jimmy Brooks in “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” but this was his first time doing voice-over work.

“I get to be this over-the-top mammoth in Ice Age, and a lot of capturing these characters is going as far as you can,” he explained. “Because you have to realize that [the viewers are] not going to see your face. They’re not going to see you look awkward and screaming. And if you have to do things that are a little over-the-top, all they’re going to do is hear it.”

His Young Money labelmate Nicki Minaj, Ester Dean, Jennifer Lopez, and Queen Latifah also lend their voices to the animated 3D film, hitting theaters July 13.

[The BoomBox]

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  1. #RihannaNAVi

    Lmfaoooo awww Aubrey :’D


    NICKIFAN101 Reply:

    @#RihannaNAVi, his voice doesn’t fit the charicer?


    kiwi Reply:

    @NICKIFAN101, I know LMFAO


  2. nahomi

    people forget that he was first an actor


    Nina Reply:

    @nahomi, Very true.


  3. Edd

    Peter Dinklage what an amazing actor.


  4. HeavyHeavy

    Drake was really good he should do more acting. And Ester did good too :D


  5. Grant

    “the pimpin’ ice cold … all these bitches wanna chill”

    Oh, the irony.


  6. Pure

    Luv Drake & Ester!The last guy who played ‘Flynn’ was awesome…


  7. Simple

    Dead at this dudes face in that second still.


    Drake's Face Reply:

    @Simple, hahahaha i crack myself up


  8. :o

    Charm? Rofl!


  9. Lisa

    Very interesting to see how they record those voices. I am excited to see Ice Age 4!


  10. :)

    I can’t picture Nicki’s character.


  11. Hugh

    Doesn’t look sound right!

    Need someone that sounds like a mammoth like Ray Romano does.


  12. kokiz 2am to Loe

    Can’t wait to hear What Nicki Minja gonna do in this Movie. everyone else did Nice work


  13. TheDreamer

    Haha…he did great.


  14. virusa Kirokzx

    bet those Kids Can’t wait to see this Movie


  15. emily

    The only reason I watched this was to hear Drake’s voice :P


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