New Music: Bow Wow – ‘Goldie (Remix)’

Bow Wow

Bow Wow breaks us off with the Wizzle Mix to A$AP Rocky’s “Goldie.” The Cash Money MC reflects on his journey, throwing in some boastful bars for good measure. “Came a long way from rapping verses for J.D./ 25, thank God I’m alive ’cause usually cats my age don’t survive,” spits Bow over the Hit-Boy production.

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  1. Cmonson

    This dude keeps rapping over other peoples beats but cant even get his album to come out yet a hit single. Cmon son.


  2. YOLO

    Wasnt his album supposed to drop last month wtf happened? They need to just put it out since it will flop either way.


  3. Gary

    Cats his age don’t usually survive? That’s ironic considering he isn’t a huge part of the rap scene anymore.


  4. TheDreamer

    Can he just release his own music and stop doing remixes which are really bad.


  5. kokiz 2am to Loe

    Good Music But I think it time for bow wow to come out with his own Music or be Feat on someone else song that Would be Great for Him


  6. Virusa Kirkozx



  7. Kevknows

    I listened twice. The ending wasn’t half bad.


  8. whitechocolate

    that verse was so YE. that’s his best flow in years. good job wowzah.


  9. pytt mama

    he did a great job


  10. jumiya

    love you baby


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