New Music: Jeremih & R. Kelly – ‘Misunderstood’

Jeremih and R. Kelly

As he gears up for the release of his mixtape Late Nights, Jeremih teams with R&B royalty R. Kelly on “Misunderstood.” The Chi-town crooners lay their silky smooth vocals over the piano-driven melody, produced by Da Internz. Sample their sweet sound below.

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  1. u:-P

    Ok :-X:-\:-/:-$


  2. dj JayMe

    Sounds like the dream :S


    Ice Reply:

    @dj JayMe, Terius >>>>


  3. Your Father

    Pretty much I Luv Your Girl. Unacceptable how dumb artists think we are these days. What happened to originality? Def Jam lost for signing the real Dream and a fake one. LOL


  4. trillafood

    Sounds jus like I luv ur gurl by the-dream.



    Are you kidding me? How ignorant are they to think we won’t notice the obvious ‘I Luv your girl’ vibe??? BYE JERIMAH! Except that Birthday Sex was your ONE HIT, now quit and go WONDER why you didn’t make it.


  6. Realrnbsuckers

    Wowwwwww…. some hating going on….The Dream style is easy too do, R.Kelly killed him in his own style on track y’all know that.Dream can’t sang like the R.Check out the prove 12 play remix with r.Kelly tell me who needs to be following who.KingKells!!!!suckers


  7. Realrnbsuckers

    R.Kelly and Jeremiah laughing at the Dream while making this track….the dream style is easy too mimic.R.Kelly do dream still better than him anyway .Check out 12 play remix…R..piss on the Dream with his own style…haters man so slow.


  8. me

    Haters gone hate!


  9. Elijah

    This has very small similarities to I Luv Your Girl. Stfu, stop hating, and just enjoy good music.


  10. yooooooooo

    Liking this heaps!so refreshing to hear these kind of songs rather than the up beat pop-dance records which are dominating new music


  11. Virusa Kirkozx

    it’s Alright


  12. Jay

    I dont know about this track…. If you compare it to “Go to the Mo” that jeremih did it sounds pretty shit. I was exspecting more from the two cos they can make very good RnB records


  13. DeShawn

    ….wake up in the mornin with a big hangover…but it aint over!

    Kellz be killin it with these lyrics…King of R&B. Recognize…


  14. Michel

    can i watch this forever? Toy Toy, i’m in tears too haha. these boys are my LIFE


  15. 1MsPerfect

    I love it!!!


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