Rap-Up TV: Sevyn Talks Solo Album, Writing Alicia Keys’ ‘New Day’

Sevyn is spreading her wings and going solo. The former RichGirl member, who is signed to Chris Brown’s CBE label, has been working behind the scenes as a songwriter. Her latest projects include Chris’ Fortune album (she is featured on three tracks) and co-writing Alicia Keys’ new single “New Day.”

“It was probably one of the most amazing experiences of my life because she’s so talented. I learned so much,” Sevyn told Rap-Up TV about collaborating with Alicia on the Swizz Beatz-produced record. “She just really takes pride in what she sings and I loved it.”

Sevyn is already deep into recording her solo debut. “I have so many songs recorded. It’s gonna be really, really great,” she said.

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  1. JOKER



  2. JustTeambreezy

    Yay im happy for her!! I love the her featurings on chris browns album, she gives me goosebumps ^_^


  3. weezy the best

    she has a good voice ; thanks breezy for showing this talent


  4. JOKER



  5. Ryu

    I like the fact that she is humble. Her voice is amazing which is why Breezy always use her on his albums.


  6. WonderLand19

    Love Sevyn. She is such a talented singer/song writer. Her vocals on ‘Fortune’ are out of this world. Especially on ‘Dont Judge Me’, like WOW!


  7. Yasmine

    How is it I never knew what she looked like until now? She sang beautifully on ‘Cadillac.’ That song should’ve been a track in an of itself, though, it has a modern, Motown feel…she and Chris really went in!


  8. J. Peezy

    Go Sevyn, Go!


  9. Will

    She has one of the best voices ive ever heard when I listened to Cadillac off Fortune i was blown away. I can see why Chris signed her to his label. She is something special.


  10. lyfechanges

    I’m glad chris picked her up…she was the only reason i wanted rich girl to win lol…but i guess now that their broken up and she is going solo that worked out better for her…the girl be sangin!


  11. Dave

    I can’t. I love this girl. She is & was my fave from RichGirl. She can sang, she has so much sass & confidence. I will support


  12. TRP

    Chris is not putting Se7en out, let’s be real. He’s gonna keep her locked down for writing on his projects, and backup vocals ala Cheri Dennis on Bad Boy for all them years.


  13. Kyle

    I wish Richgirl made it in the industry. They had so much to offer. I wish Se7en the best of luck because she has a great voice!


  14. TheDreamer

    I only found out what a great vocalist she is by listening to Fortune. Can’t wait to hear what she comes out with.


    SwaggerRight Reply:

    @TheDreamer, check out RichGirl music. Sevyn was 1/4 of the group. They have alot of great records! Like “Can You Afford Me”


  15. #1stunna!

    I’m so glad for her she’s so talented vocally i wish her all the best in her future endeavours.She killed her vocals on Diddy’s song and now she killing it on Fortune.


  16. Reece

    Ha it’s so strange, I kept listening to the end of “Don’t judge me” Like.. Who’s that girl with the amazing voice who should be featured not singing back up. I’m glad I found her. Hope she gets her own album out there


  17. Nicole

    Shes good musician but sorry this girl is a home wrecking hoe. and her new haircut is awful!


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