New Music: John Legend f/ Pusha T – ‘Tonight (Best You Ever Had) (Remix)’

Tonight (Best You Ever Had) Remix

Pusha T makes John Legend’s “Tonight (Best You Ever Had)” even better with his remix. The G.O.O.D. Music cohorts have even more music on the way.

“Can’t wait for you to hear what else @PUSHA_T and I did together for his album,” tweeted the R&B crooner, who will release his new album Love in the Future later this year.

The first single is due in September, with a North American tour set for the fall.


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  1. MmmHmm



  2. boom boom

    that beat is dope as fuck, the lyrics are amazing, the voice from Legend pure beautifully, the rapping + soulful singing is dopeness.

    #G.O.O.D. Music will slayed this year!


  3. Edison

    Fuck YMCMB

    It’s all about G.O.O.D. Music


  4. Me

    First great Pusha Verse without Coke Reference


  5. Jaymalls

    This song is so smooth… John Legend is the gawd!!! But its sad that REAL R&B doesn’t get pushed now-a-days unless you come out the closet! **Cough Cough**

    When our generation of R&B artist are putting out songs like “Scream” (Usher) “Turn Up The Music” (Chris Brown)and “We Found Love” (Rihanna) That is how you know the genre is dead. Us, as consumers, just welcome anything these white execs force-feed down our throats!


    A$AP Richie Reply:

    @Jaymalls, that is just all so damn trueeee


    WAT U NEED @ HEAR Reply:

    @Jaymalls, Your a clown Everyone knew who Frank was, He Was on the BIGGEST HIP HOP RELEASE OF THE YEAR WATCH THE THRONE WITH TWO SONGS. SHUT Up and suck a dick.


    Jaymalls Reply:

    @WAT U NEED @ HEAR, Being a feature… keyword “feature” on a successful album doesn’t make you a successful artist! Notice i didn’t question dude talent though??? With that said, I’ll leave the dick sucking to you homie!


  6. dro

    Definitely not fucking with Luda’s Verse at ALL… Sorry but that shit was whatever, if you cant kill the original just dont do it bro, plane and simple……


  7. Zach

    GOOD Music! GOOD Music!


  8. boom boom

    @Jaymalls, you just had to touch that topic and be a dick about it, huh? Chris Brown has never been fully R&B, he has it, but with some pop influence in it. As far as Rihanna, she’s super POP! Her first single that she came out with was a reggae track! She does all kind; R&B, Electropop, Urban, Dance, Dancehall, Rock, etc… Them two have never been fully R&B. Now, in the other hand, Usher has since the get-go! But his last works, he’s been sell out for some reason or another, simply cuz R&B is not doing as well as it used to do back in 2004.



    Song is dope. Love the beat and John kills it all the time!!


  10. justAmillieBaby

    im feeling this yo


  11. Love for Him gdness

    I could write a song for John Tittle “Best Girl I ever had”(in my life). Great Lyric Pusha T


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